Miss Botswana, Oweditse Phirinyane steals the show

Miss Botswana 2019-2020 winner, Oweditse Gofaone Phirinyane, steals the show when she attended the extravagant fashion show last week. Almost stealing the limelight from models in her lush gown. A beautiful metallic gray set courtesy of Butterfly Couture, giving it a bold and sophisticated look.

This is not the first time the Botswanan beauty Oweditse Gofaone Phirinyane has dazzled the crowd. She has other unique looks that are hard to forget.

During Botswana’s 2020 independence celebrations, she was once again dressed by Butterfly Couture, in an elegant dress with the three colors representing the national flag.

‘I attended Fashion Without Borders on Saturday night, and the theme was AFRICANISM. I knew from the start that I wanted pearls incorporated into my outfit. They continue to be used in traditional ceremonies or to celebrate marriage and rites of passage from childhood to adulthood.’

Miss Botswana, Oweditse Phirinyane steals the show

‘The size pearls are worn for various reasons: a symbol and a celebration of femininity, spirituality, protection, wealth, among others,’ wrote Oweditse Gofaone Phirinyane on her Instagram account.

Although 2020 was not the best year for many, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Oweditse Gofaone Phirinyane continued to wear her crown with pride. And that extends her tenure as Queen of Botswanan, putting at the service of many people and associations.

Miss Botswana, Oweditse Phirinyane steals the show

25-year-old Oweditse Gofaone Phirinyane has stepped forward to support local beauty pageants, encouraging other young girls eager to follow in her footsteps to keep aiming higher.

Her dream job would be to become a stylist with her own brand of clothing. Phirinyane’s personal motto is ‘Be gentle with yourself. Realize that you cannot control everything, but have control over how you respond to them’.

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