Moral lessons that the story of Joseph in the Bible teaches us

Joseph is one of the most incredible biblical characters in history. He is what we call a living miracle! How can you be sold by your brother to strangers, end up in prison, and go from being a slave to the most powerful man in Egypt? The least we can say is that God’s hand was on this man. His journey was fraught with difficulties, but Joseph showed great faith and determination.

1. Avoid sharing your vision with everyone

The story of Joseph is found in the book of Genesis and begins in chapter 37. He was one of 12 children, but the Word states that he was the favorite of his father, Jacob, probably because he was the son of Rachel, his favorite wife (who died in childbirth), over Leah. This father’s preference was particularly evident when Joseph reached the age of 17 when his father gave him the famous tunic that would arouse the jealousy of his half-brothers. Unsuspecting their hatred for him, Joseph did not hesitate to tell them about his two dreams in quick succession.

In the first, Joseph dreamed of eleven sheaves of the field (representing his eleven brothers) bowing to his sheaf of wheat. In the second dream, eleven stars (representing his eleven brothers), the sun, and the moon (presumably his father Jacob and Leah) were also bowing down to him. Joseph did not think he was doing any harm by telling his brothers about his two dreams. However, it only increased their jealousy. The first lesson is the importance of protecting one’s vision, dreams, and plans. When a brilliant idea crosses our minds, we want to share it with our loved ones, hoping they will rejoice for us. But the truth is that not everyone wants to see us succeed. This is an unfortunate but true fact. The enemy can use the closest people to us to discourage us and distract us from what God calls us to do. This is why we must treasure our plans and dreams and be careful to who we decide to entrust them.

2. Remain honest and firm amid trials

Sold by his brothers to merchants, Joseph became the servant of Potiphar, an officer of the king. He prospered in business and managed his property for several years as a steward. But one day, his master’s wife came to tempt him. Joseph did not fall into the trap and refused the advances of Potiphar’s wife. She then told her husband that he had tried to seduce her.

He was sent to prison. Joseph was very well off and had a very advantageous status. He knew that by refusing the advances of Potiphar’s wife, he would lose his advantages. However, he did not want to disobey God’s commandments and remained honest in the face of temptation. Even if God opens doors and brings good opportunities into our lives, this will not stop him from testing us to see if he is still our priority. Who comes first: is it this good situation He has placed us in or our obedience to His Word? We must make the right choices. Do you want God to open doors for you? Do you want to receive grace and favor from God? Always have integrity. Show God that despite the trials you will go through and the nice things you will be promised, you will always be faithful to Him. God loves men and women of integrity, and He always rewards them.

3. Don’t let anyone determine your destiny

Joseph was determined to enter the destiny God had for him, no matter what situations he found himself in. God called Joseph a leader so that everyone could see God’s favor was upon him wherever he was. Joseph put his trust in God and let him open the doors, which ultimately freed him and propelled him into the leadership of the Egyptian people. He never got discouraged and did not let his brothers determine his fate.

Their jealousy did not harm him but did the opposite. If they had not sold him, Joseph would never have become ruler of Egypt. This shows that God can even use our enemies to elevate us and turn their evil deeds to our advantage. When there was a famine in the region, it was thanks to Joseph, who became a high dignitary in Egypt, that they were able to receive food. His half-brothers learned their lesson. When God has plans for His children, no one can lay a hand on them.

Moreover, Joseph will not hold a grudge against them. He forgave them, saying, “God brought me here” (Genesis 45). His story ends when he invites his father and all his family to come and live in Egypt.

God had a plan for Joseph, and he has a plan for each of us. However, the plans He has for our lives are not automatically given. It’s up to us to make wise choices, surround ourselves with the right people, protect our plans, maintain integrity, and stick to the Lord’s promises, so we don’t miss out on our destiny.

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