Authorities at Tangier bus station refused to sell ticket to black Africans

In morocco, the authorities in charge of selling tickets at the Tangier have refused to sell tickets to the black Africans expatriated from the country in the last three days.

According to SeneNews, some Black Africans including Senegalese, expatriates in Morocco have been pouncing since Tuesday at the bus station in Tangier, facing the problem of the refusal of the authorities to sell tickets to them.

Since the day before the Tabaski, the authorities of the bus station of Tangier refuse to sell bus tickets to black Africans who want to join Nador or Tetouan.

“We are stuck here, even the festival we spent in unimaginable conditions,” lamented one of the victims, who recalls that he has made eleven years in the kingdom Sherif but this is the first time he sees such a situation.

As an explanation, the security guards at the bus station explained to them that these are orders coming from above.

“The police explained to us that all cities close to Spain are forbidden to African blacks. Those who try to go there are taken and thrown into distant villages unceremoniously,” he continues.

Faced with this ubiquitous situation, the Senegalese colony of Marrakech asks for help from the consular authorities of Senegal.

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