Morocco wants to end winter time

The Moroccan government has today adopted a draft decree that will “permanently introduce summer time, which is currently in force”. It is still unclear whether the measure will take effect next Sunday.

Morocco would switch to the winter time on Sunday. The government now wants to keep the summer time to avoid the effects of the switch on “different levels”. The decision clashed with incomprehension and great dissatisfaction with social media. The national airline Royal Air Maroc (RAM) already announced “after the government’s decision” that it will adjust the hours of its flights from Sunday to the different airports in the country.

Morocco implemented the regulation of summer and winter time in 2008 in order to reduce energy consumption, as several European countries had already done.

In Europe, the discussion about winter and summer time has been raging for some time. By April each Member State should inform the European Commission whether it chooses a permanent summer or winter time. Whoever chooses summer time, leaves the clock untouched, who goes for winter time would turn the hands back an hour for the last time at the end of October 2019.

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