Multiple dead in Plymouth shooting in southern England

Several people have been killed in a shooting in the southern English port city of Plymouth tonight. An unknown number of people were injured, British media reported based on the police. According to Sky News, a gunman has been shot and the situation is under control. The news channel also reports that the authorities do not assume an act of terrorism.

“There have been a number of victims at the crime scene and several other victims are being treated,” the police said in a statement.

What exactly happened is still unclear. The incident happened early in the evening. The emergency services are present with many people and the area has been cordoned off.

Several local MPs called on residents to stay in their homes, follow police instructions and refrain from sharing photos, videos, or gossip on social media. Conservative MP Johnny Mercer wrote that it is not an act of terrorism and that the suspect is not on the run.

Labor MP Luke Pollard tweeted that he was waiting for confirmation on the number of victims. ‘But this looks like a very sad day for our city and our community.’

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