Mursi: one of the scariest tribe in Africa

Only the eyes of a kid will fear a painted devil. The Mursi tribe is one of the scariest tribes in Africa, but as Africans, we are proud of our cultures and our heritage.

Africa is considered the cradle of civilization: it was here that the remains of today’s man’s ancestors found. This great tribe is still fraught with a lot of mysteries. It is probably better not to penetrate in some secrets – they can plunge an unprepared man in the street into absolute awe.

In Ethiopia’s southwest, the mysterious Mursi tribe, whose representatives are easily recognizable by their protruding lower lip and ceramic plates of impressive size inserted. According to one version, such a “decoration,” which often find among girls and women, helped them not to become victims of slave traders and lovers of local exoticism. But ethnologists do not share this point of view.

Moreover, a girl who can insert a larger disc into her lower lip (their diameter can sometimes reach 30 cm) is considered an enviable bride and, accordingly. The ransom for her will be greater than for one who is content with a diameter of “only” 10-15 cm.

Therefore, to get married, girls from an early age not only pierce their lower lip and remove their front teeth to insert a wooden plate (which replace with a clay plate with age) but also decorate their bodies with unusual tattoos.

Mursi: one of the scariest tribe in Africa

One man may have more than one wife (and sometimes a dozen!), So the competition for male attention is relatively high. In the struggle for the attention of the opposite sex, girls make cuts on the skin and launch parasitic insects there, which in the process of their vital activity leave scars of the most bizarre forms under the skin.

On the neck, women of fashion from the Mursi tribe wear necklaces that consist of phalanges of human fingers, and often you can find more than one necklace, but several at once.

If you dig deeper, then the appearance cannot compare with the “philosophy” of this unusual tribe. Mursi worships the spirits of death, and all their women are considered priestesses of death. And here, just very opportunely, comes the same plate used for the so-called “kiss of death.”

During love pleasures, women of the Mursi tribe offer their faithful soft medicine on a platter, which a man licks off a plate. This pastime replaces traditional kisses for a couple, after which the man plunges into intoxication.

The next stage, called the “death bite,” comes the turn of a heavier medicine blown into the sleeping man’s mouth, which often causes poisoning. Simultaneously, the high priestess of the village, who chose among married women, brews an antidote and, entering every house, distributes it, but not everyone is lucky.

It believes that only she and the demon of death know who to live and who does not, and therefore no one is surprised by the very different outcome of the case. When a member of the Mursi tribe dies, his meat cook and eaten, used for decoration, and paths built from human bones in especially impassable places.

Mursi: one of the scariest tribe in Africa

As for men, a warrior considers a real man in the tribe, whose death demon is imprisoned in a body dungeon – and he releases into the wild thanks to such a strange rite.

Boys prepare for constant danger and war from a very early age, which is typical for this tribe. Suppose a man does not have firearms, machine guns, which they obtain in various ways from neighboring countries (mainly in Somalia). In that case, there are always at hand, at least, battle clubs, with which they know how to handle masterly and often let them into business.

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