Muslim certification: Right-wing groups in Germany boycott brand of chocolates

The halal designation applies to any food or drink that can be consumed by any Muslim. The famous chocolate brand Toblerone has been the subject of a singular boycott by right-wing groups in Germany after announcing that it achieved halal certification.

The halal designation applies to any food or drink that can be consumed by any Muslim while consumables that are not allowed, are called haram, which means prohibited, such as pork and alcohol. Mondelez, the company that produces the chocolate, informed that it has not altered the ingredients of the product to obtain the designation and that it has been producing halal chocolate since last April.

“Toblerone’s original recipe has remained unchanged,” a Mondelez spokesperson told Swiss newspaper Blick.

However, the announcement of this certification alarmed Jorg Meuthen, federal spokesman for the German far-right party AfD, who described this as part of a trend of “Islamization” in Europe. “There is no Islamization neither in Germany nor in Europe,” he wrote in his social networks. “Therefore, it is purely coincidental that this known variety of chocolate is now halal certified.”

Immediately several of his followers agreed with Meuthen and some people asked chocolate consumers to boycott the product in protest. Users of social networks installed the hashtag #BoycottToblerone to express their dissatisfaction. “What a bad thing, I like to eat but I do not like Muslim food,” wrote a Facebook user.

In a communication with the newspaper USA Today, the Mondelez company said that its ambition is to make products that everyone can enjoy. “That is why it is important for us to respond to the different preferences and food requirements of our wide range of consumers around the world,” said the brand.

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