NASA engineer develops ‘glitter bomb’ to teach packet thieves a lesson

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober worked for seven years on the Marsrover Curiosity, but nowadays he fills his days with equally crazy and ingenious projects. His latest invention is the glitter bomb for packet thieves. The video in which he ridicules thieves has been viewed more than 24 million times in two days.

The Curiosity, which the 38-year-old Mark Rober helped to develop, is now running around on Mars, but the former NASA scientist has embarked on a new career path as an inventor. For example, he already designed a dart board where you always hit the bullseye and he went on how to escape from any room quickly. But his last suggestion is the most brilliant. Because thieves repeatedly delivered parcels to his front door, Mark decided to make a highly ingenious glitter bomb. He worked on it for six months, but the result may be there.

The package looks normal, but inside there is a glitter bomb.

How it works

The bomb looks like a brand-new Apple HomePod, but when thieves open the package in the car or at home, a glittering surprise awaits them. And then the best part has yet to come: Mark confirmed four smartphones to the package, which record the thief’s reaction. The images are then immediately uploaded in the cloud. Thanks to a GPS tracker, Mark can retrieve his bomb later.

Four cameras record the thief’s reaction and in the meantime a spray spray releases a disgusting odor.

To make the punishment a bit heavier, Mark also added a “spray’ to the package, which spreads a disgusting smell every 5 second. “The spray is not only a nice extra touch, he also ensures that the thief immediately throws the package out of his car or house before he realizes that there are also four smartphones,” says Mark.

The film in which Mark takes a look at different packet thieves is now going viral. The video has already been viewed more than 24 million times on YouTube.

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