No buyer for controversial 5 watercolours of ‘A. Hitler’

No single buyer has shown interest on the five watercolours of the wall paints that were allegedly painted by A. Hitler. The works were yesterday under the hammer at an auction house in the German Nuremberg. There was a lot of fuss about the auction in advance.


Outside the watercolours there were still more objects for sale that would have been from A. Hitler. For example, a wicker chair decorated with a swastika, a tablecloth and a vase were auctioned. There was no interest for the wicker chair either. The tablecloth and the vase did find a new owner. For that, 630 euros and 5,500 euros were paid respectively.

The auction caused a lot of controversy in Germany. Last week, the German police seized 64 other works of art from the auction house because of the doubts about the authenticity of the works. These were watercolours, drawings and paintings that were also used by ‘A. Hitler

’ or ‘AH’ were signed. In the five watercolours that were auctioned yesterday, those suspicions of forgery did not exist.

Possibly interested parties doubted the authenticity of the five watercolours or perhaps they found the price too high: the bid for the cheapest work started at 19,000 euros, the most expensive painting had to yield at least 45,000 euros.

‘Style and tasteless’

The mayor of the German was extremely unhappy with the auction and called it a ‘style and tasteless’ display. A spokesperson for the auction house emphasized that the works have nothing to do with political preferences. “The interested parties are international art collectors without a bad background.”

Buyers can still report to the auction house in the near future to take over the works privately.

No buyer for controversial watercolours of 'A. Hitler '
No buyer for controversial watercolours of 'A. Hitler' auctioned
No buyer for controversial watercolours of 'A. Hitler' auctioned

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