No more private jet? Harry and Meghan take commercial flight to LA

Normally they travel exclusively by private jet, but apparently, the British Prince Harry (37) and his wife Meghan Markle (40) are now opting for a new path. The couple was spotted on a commercial flight from New York to LA.

Sitting on a plane next to a British prince? Some Americans experienced it this month. Harry and Meghan paid a short visit to New York to celebrate Veterans Day with some ex-servicemen, before returning to their home state of California. Normally they would have done that with their private jet, but apparently, the two made a different decision this time.

“I know this sounds crazy and I didn’t get a good photo,” a passenger on the flight wrote on Twitter. “But I swear to you, Prince Harry and Meghan were on our flight to LA! Our flight was delayed by 20 minutes, and suddenly we realized why: they were transferred to the last two free seats at the last minute.”

The news comes after the couple was criticized for flying back home on a private jet after a climate event. “Hypocritical,” it sounded on social media. “Because such jets are just very bad for the climate.” The comment that the royals have clearly heard.

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