“I do not have arms and feet, but I have a wonderful heart,” Zuly, painter (Video)

“I do not have arms and feet, but I have a wonderful heart,” Zuly said at the beginning of the video with a big smile.

An Artist, painter and lecturer, Zuly Sanguino, this Colombian of 29 was born without the “totality” of her body. (see video) But she does extraordinary things despite her condition.

This pathology is a congenital disease that is called phocomelia. But no matter how disabling she was, she did not stop Zuly Sanguino from studying. On the contrary, the girl is a graduate, with a pencil between her teeth, she creates excellent paintings and is a motivational speaker known in Latin America.

For the most part, she is autonomous in her everyday life. She does not pity herself on fate. Her mother at a young age insisted that Zuly learn to do many things alone, to be autonomous so that when she, her mom, will be there, Zuly can manage, and be a real “lady”.

A believer and preacher, Zuly knows how to give his time for others. Art is somewhere for her a therapy. Here is an excerpt from his message translated into English in the following paragraph: “Como artista expreso put sentimientos y pensamientos a través del arte. El arte y mi voz y las las herramientas que utiliza mi alma par mostrarle al mundo that nada puede end ponerte dar lo mejor de ti, if esos his los deseos de you espíritu. El arte es una parte important para mi vida, mi familia tiene este hermoso talento dando por Dios”


Translation: “As an artist, I express my feelings and thoughts through art. Art and my voice are the means my soul uses to show the world that nothing can stop you from giving the best of you, if these desires are the desires of your mind. Art is an important part of movie, my family has this beautiful talent in giving for God,” says Zuly Sanguino in his biography published on his Facebook page

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