Not Ronaldo, but Spanish national coach Luis Enrique was a trendsetter putting away Coca-Cola bottles

A few days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo put two Coca-Cola bottles aside during his press conference. There was a lot of fuss, but the Portuguese superstar was not the first. However, in the run-up to Spain’s opening match against Sweden, Luis Enrique was caught making another comment about the well-known soft drink brand.

“It’s Coca-Cola Zero. Is that the sponsor? Don’t drink Coca-Cola, kids,” said Enrique. If Enrique openly advises children not to drink Coca-Cola, it is a bigger blow to the brand than Ronaldo pushing the bottles aside, whether they meant it to be serious.

Ronaldo was therefore not the first to attack the brand. After the Portuguese, Paul Pogba and Manuel Locatelli also followed. Roberto Martinez and Romelu Lukaku also jumped on the bandwagon but did not attack Coco-Cola. “Devils love Coca-Cola,” it said.

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