Obama jokes about Trump during a very expensive speech in Amsterdam

Barack Obama was in Amsterdam today to talk about leadership, not about Donald Trump or current political issues. Yet the former American president sometimes occasionally referred briefly to his successor in the White House.

According to Obama, a good leader must tell a good story, that explains to people what direction they should go. “Facts do not affect people that much, especially not at this time,” the ex-president joked, after which the audience burst into laughter.

Obama also told how during his reign he succeeded in dropping suitable people at important posts around him. Subsequently he underlined his role in the realization of the Paris climate agreement in 2015. And the strong job growth in the United States, which Trump is so proud of: was not that actually started when his predecessor was at the helm?

It was not for everyone to see Obama with our northern neighbours. He acted as the crowd puller at a major event in AFAS Live, the former Heineken Music Hall. The cheapest tickets cost almost 1,000 euros. Incidentally, not everyone was happy with the high visit in the Dutch capital. A duo member of the Amsterdam group from DENK called via Twitter to drag Obama to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

“Sick. Then you kill 1000s of innocent Pakistanis with your drone program and you may cash in to speak about your crimes,” tweeted DENK politician Sheher Khan.

Very expensive speeches
How much Obama is left with the action is not clear. American presidents are known to ask for high sums of money for this type of schnabbles after their presidency. Bill Clinton, for example, is also a very popular speaker. He earns millions of dollars every year with his speeches. Obama would have already raised some $400,000 for some speeches.

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