On this day, 14 June! International blogger’s day

The idea of holding an international blogger’s day appeared in 2004. More than 500 people from 40 countries have decided that they need their day, uniting bloggers from all over the world.

A blogger is a person who writes and posts on a blog – an online journal or online diary that is open to readers.

Here are some more interesting facts about blogs and bloggers:

World blood donor day

June 14th is not only dedicated to bloggers, the World blood donor day is also remarkable. A day of the most valuable gift that people can give each other – and that is blood donation.

World Blood Donor Day was established on June 14th, 2005, at the World Health Assembly in Geneva. This day also celebrates the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, who discovered human blood groups and was awarded the Nobel Prize for this.

Blood Donor Day highlights the need for blood, especially in developing countries, where there are only ten donors for every 1,000 people who need blood.