Overwhelming UN Report on South Sudan

A report from the UN Human Rights Commission overwhelms government forces and armed groups. The document was published two days before the deadline granted to the government and the ex-rebellion to form a government of national unity.

The list of members of this government will in principle, be known this Saturday in accordance with the latest negotiations between Juba and a delegation from Riek Machar.

The UN report reveals that the southern Sudanese government army and the various rebel groups at war have “deliberately starved” the country’s citizens, denying them access to humanitarian aid and forcing them to leave their homes. “Civilians are deliberately starved, systematically monitored and silenced, arbitrarily arrested and detained, and denied access to effective justice,” a UN human rights commission said in the report.

The three members of this commission have called into question “predatory and unaccountable elites” to the population, which has been suffering enormously since the outbreak of the civil war in December 2013.

They studied the abuses committed between September 2018, the date of the signing of a peace agreement in Addis Ababa, and December 2019.

The body that wrote the report was created in 2016 by the UN Human Rights Council to gather evidence that could be used to prosecute perpetrators of atrocities.

So far, authorities in South Sudan and forces close to Riek Machar have not responded to the report’s findings.

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