Papua New Guinea startled by severe earthquake

Papua New Guinea was hit by a major earthquake this morning. According to the US geological service USGS, the shock had a magnitude of 6.9. Other sources report a magnitude of 7.3.

The quake’s epicenter, which occurred at around 12.50 a.m. local time, was located at a depth of 85 kilometers and located about 115 kilometers north of Kokoda, the USGS reports.

A tsunami alarm was issued for the region shortly after the shock, but that has already been lifted. Nothing is known about any victims or damage.

Papua New Guinea startled by severe earthquake
The epicenter of the earthquake.

Due to the scarce means of communication, the steep terrain, and the lack of roads, it sometimes takes days in Papua New Guinea before the magnitude of the impact of a natural disaster is clear.

Papua New Guinea is located in the so-called Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean, where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions regularly occur. The Australian plate slides under the Eurasian plate by a few centimeters per year.

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