Pastor pregnant a pastor’s wife from another church

Pastor Zabulon Buthelezi, a popular South African televangelist, is accused of having pregnant the wife of a leader of a community and the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) in Boksburg, South Africa.

Revealing that his wife had denied him sex for 6 years in favor of the televangelist on the other side, the ZCC leader also claimed that his wife for 20 years had also emotionally assaulted him by insisting on bathing naked in his presence without allowing him to touch her.

He also disclosed that his wife had supported her refusal to yield to her marital rights on the basis of differences in religious beliefs.

In the affidavit filed in the Boksburg court, the pastor also accused the founder of the Revelations of Christ Apostolic Mission Church of threatening him with death when he confronted him with evidence.

The ZCC leader also maintains that he never suspected that his wife was in love with Pastor Zabulon Buthelezi, even after his repeated visits to their home, until he heard his wife telling his daughter that she is in love with him.

“Every time I tried to touch her, she blocked my hand and threatened to accuse me of rape if I continued to try my luck. I was not aware of their relationship and that my wife was pregnant by Pastor Buthelezi. A few days later, when my wife was talking to my daughter, I realized that she was in love with Pastor Buthelezi,” he said.

Sunday World reports that Buthelezi refused to submit to a paternity test to determine if he is the father of the child of the woman, born on June 22nd. The famous South African pastor and the man’s wife also refused to comment on the case in court.

The case has been shifted to September by the court to determine whether Pastor Zabulon Buthelezi will be required to pass the paternity test.

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