People criticize the statue of Devil that is smiling and taking selfie

A large number of the residents of the Spanish city of Segovia criticize an image of the devil that is taking selfie. The devil’s face would not be “too friendly.”

The bronze sculpture was made as a tribute to a local legend, who says that he was tempted by the devil to build the famous aqueduct in the city in the region of Castile and Leon.

Some of the residents see the statue of the devil, who is smiling and taking a selfie with a phone, as too jovial. A judge has now decided that the artwork will be ‘put on hold’. It would be too insulting for Christians among other things.

More than 5,400 residents, about ten percent of the total population of Segovia, have signed a petition that says that the image “glorifies evil”. Artist Jose Antonio Abella is surprised by the criticism of his creation. Abella says he only wants to pay tribute to the city where he comes from, 90 kilometres from Madrid.

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