Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande split: he gets the ring, she gets the pig

Ariana Grande (24) and Pete Davidson (24) are no longer a couple. But the help of their super-fast engagements this summer, they are stuck with a lot of joint goods that have to be distributed.

So, the two cohabits went into a gigantic luxury apartment of 13.8 million euros. The New York residence, however, was fully paid by Grande, so it will be Pete who is looking for a new stay.

He can do that with a nice starting amount, because Ariana would have already given him his engagement ring of $100,000. The diamond jewellery board, which she got from him in June, is good for about 86,000 euros. Maybe Davidson can sell the candy for profit, because it was a unique piece specially made for Grande.

According to sources that know the couple well, there was absolutely no battle over the ring. “He bought it because he wanted to marry her. Now that she no longer wants it, she has handed it back to him right away.”

What Ariana is allowed to keep is the miniature pig they adopted together. Although Pete had a tattoo of the beast named Piggy Smalls, put on his chest, it is in the name of Ariana and it was also paid with her fortune.

What is going to happen with the many tattoos that Pete had put in the name of Ariana, is another question.

Mac Miller
The break between the two stars came after the death of rapper Mac Miller, the ex-friend of Ariana. He committed suicide last month, which prompted Grande to think. She realized that she was not ready for a wedding and broke her engagement with Davidson shortly thereafter.

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