Phone without charging port, buttons, or front camera

This is the Vivo Apex 2019. The mobile integrates 12 GB RAM and internal storage of up to 512 GB.

Vivo presented a phone without ports, front camera or buttons (not even on the sides).

This is the Apex 2019, a prototype that the Chinese company recently released and that possibly can be seen in the framework of the Mobile World Congress that will be held, at the end of February, in Barcelona.

Another striking point of this Chinese cell phone is that the fingerprint sensor is integrated into almost the entire 6.5-inch screen. That is, you can press almost anywhere on the display to activate it.

The mobile has no notch or hole for the front camera but directly dispenses with it. That is to say that the device only has a rear camera. It is a true pure screen model, without bevels. The front speaker is also hidden under the screen.

Apex 2019 does not have buttons of any kind, not even to control the volume, because now they are only points of contact. That is, to raise or lower the audio, you have to exert a small pressure on the sides.

It has a magnetic port that allows not only charge the batteries of the equipment but also transmit data.

The mobile lacks a USB charging port type C or micro USB, like the Meizu Zero, recently introduced. It replaces this technology with a magnetic port that allows not only to charge the batteries of the equipment but also to transmit data.

It has Snapdragon 855, the most powerful processor of Qualcomm and that will surely be present in most of the high range that will be launched this year.

The RAM is 12 GB, and the internal storage is 256 GB and 512 GB. Integra Android operating system, with the Vivo customization layer and also offers 5G support, in line with what will be trending this year, within the mobile universe.

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