Pope compares abortion with “calling on a hired killer to solve a problem”.

Pope Francis compared a voluntary fruit drive today as an appeal to a “hit man”. He did so in his homily during his traditional audience on St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

“End a pregnancy, that’s like eliminating someone. Is it justified to eliminate a human body to solve a problem?”, The Argentine church leader asked the faithful on the square. “Is it justified to call on a hired killer to solve a problem?”, Francis added, in addition to his foreseen text on the biblical commandment, “You shall not kill”. “Get rid of a human being, that’s like calling on a hired killer to solve a problem”.

Wars, exploitation, exclusion and abortion
The pope drew attention to the “depreciation of human life”, through wars, exploitation of man and exclusion. He then added abortion to this list. “How can an act that removes an innocent life be therapeutic, civil or very ordinary human?”, The head of the Roman Catholic Church asked.

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