Prayer against bad dreams

This topic is a little difficult since it’s hard to imagine Satan attacking us even in our dreams. It’s difficult to comprehend that the enemy is using our dreams.

I admit that we didn’t know that people could plant satanic seeds in dreams or make contracts without our consent.

When we don’t know to grasp what’s going on and fight back, the enemy confines us in our dreams and wins.

Dreams of water (rivers, seas, baths, shower, etc.):

Water spirits use water to enslave us, steal our destiny, conduct rituals in our dreams, and make secret covenants with us.

If you know anything about witchcraft, you’ve probably heard of the “start-up bath,” or even of some individuals who, when the river rises, apply a concoction made previously by a sorcerer at a specified time of year pour into the sea.

In dreams, sea spirits use water to attack us.

Dreaming about having a shower, swimming in the sea, or being in the midst of a river, for example, isn’t that trivial.


The Blood of Jesus is the most effective weapon against this attack. If you feel like you’re being attacked, pray every night before you go to bed, “The Blood of Jesus falls on me ceaselessly and abundantly.” I announce that any attack by marine spirits or other evil spirits that use water against me will be ineffective because the Blood of Jesus protects me. Amen, in the name of Jesus.”

Do not hesitate in the morning to reaffirm that: “No matter what happened in my dreams, I declare that the Blood of Jesus protects me and that I renounce any contract that has been made consciously or unconsciously between the forces of evil (Satan or his servants) and me. Therefore, I refuse and give up; I want what God has for me. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Eating in the dream

Few people know that there are demonic cooks whose only purpose is to force individuals to consume diabolical foods in our dreams.

They often know your favorite meal or restaurant, and if you see what you enjoy in your dreams, you won’t hesitate to eat since you’ll convince yourself it’s only a dream. It will not harm you.

Think again! That’s how he deceives you.


I vomit devilish food ingested in my dream in the name of Jesus. I admit that all I desire is what God has in store for me. I don’t want anything that isn’t from God.

A word of advice: don’t be afraid to open your mouth wide as if you’re about to vomit. “Any covenant established without me knowledge is null and invalid, in the name of Jesus,”

you must always add.

We must remember that Satan’s mission is to steal, murder, and destroy. We, as God’s children, will constantly be attacked. You must be watchful at all times and not let your guard down.

Satanic money or any object

We’ll use a specific example in this section. For a few months, I was under siege. Several times throughout this time, I dreamt that someone had given me money or that I had discovered money on the ground.

I had the foresight to decline the first time, but the person in front of me urged that I accept the money. Unfortunately, I experienced a physical attack as soon as I grabbed the money; that is, I felt the spirit contacting my flesh. It’s still attached to my back.

Someone else in my dream handed me a thing at another moment. Likewise, someone asked me a question in another dream, and I responded with an object. In both instances, the dream was hazy, and I couldn’t place the persons or the thing provided.

Only one thing is certain: I felt the physical manifestation right after the exchange. I was able to sense the presence of the spirit.

Don’t worry; delivery is quick and easy. Simply say, “I reject and renounce demonic money, and in the name of Jesus, I return the money to its owner.” In the name of Jesus, I only desire what God has for me and nothing else.”

Then, when it comes to objects, just say, “In the name of Jesus, I restore the object seized to the owner.” “In the name of Jesus, I take back what I offered to the stranger in my dream.” It’s always a good idea to add “any contract signed consciously or subconsciously is broken, null and invalid, in the name of Jesus” just to be sure your back is safe.

Finally, cancel demonic contracts that were created without your awareness, including the following: “In the name of Jesus, I deposit all satanic contracts at the foot of Jesus Christ’s cross.” On the cross, Jesus’ blood is still flowing, and I know that Jesus’ blood is the most potent weapon. Therefore, “His Blood destroys the satanic doctrine.”

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