Prayer for deliverance and healing

Our almighty God, hear our prayer for deliverance and healing, never forsake us, and deliever us from every sickness, disease, and infection, both natural and spiritual.

We thank you, Father God, for your love and loyalty to your children. We thank you for being a perfect, holy, and trustworthy God who is greater than all the evil we see on our planet. We beg you to grant us eyes to recognize when evil is there, hearts to despise it, and a desire to run from it.

We beg that you do not lead us astray but rather save us from evil and pull us closer to you. We pray for the long-awaited arrival of Jesus, who will usher in a new era. We enquire about these things in His holy name.

I know what the Bible says, but God, how can I not be afraid? How can I not be concerned about what is going on in my nation and throughout the world? There seems to be disease, violence, and hatred everywhere. Is it going to be me, God? Or is it someone I care about?

I’m sorry for my dread, concern, and anxiety. Please accept my apologies. I’m looking for you, God. Assist me in replacing my worries with biblical realities. You promised that you would never abandon me. Lord, please help me to believe.

Your words are accurate. My anxieties are unfounded. Please assist me in replacing my “what ifs” with “God wills.” You are greater beyond anything my imagination can conjure up. This is something I’m aware of, but I’m not always aware of it. God, please remind me. Please remind me of your might, compassion, and love. You’ll take care of me. There’s no need for me to feel scared. God, please deliver me.

Almighty God, keep reminding me that I am Your child and that the adversary can’t tamper with me by covering my thoughts with the helmet of Your salvation. Lord Jesus, direct my thoughts to what is true, honorable, right, pure, gorgeous, and excellent. Help me to think on things that are good and deserving of praise so that Your serenity might preserve my thoughts (Philippians 4:8-9).

Don’t let me imitate the world’s conduct and traditions; instead, change the way I think to convert me into a new person. Then I’ll learn to identify Your good, pleasant, and perfect will for me (Romans 12:2). Saturate my mind with Your truth such that I am persuaded that the solutions can only be found in Your Word and not elsewhere.

Prayer against fear and diseases

  • I take refuge in You God, You are the Highest and the Almighty. I can sleep peacefully, for You protect me.
  • Lord: You are my refuge, my protection, with You, I am safe and secure. You are my God and I trust in You alone.
  • For Your Lord protects me from treacherous traps and keeps terrible diseases far from me.
  • You will protect me day and night, Your faithfulness is my shield and armor that wards off the attacks of the adversary
  • I need not fear the terrors of the night and the attacks of the day. Those arrows won’t hit me.
  • Nor for the plague, or cancer, or any disease that spreads in the dark in my body.
  • Though thousands of men fall by my side, and ten thousand on my right, disaster will not come to me.
  • I will see for myself, the punishment is upon the wicked, not those who believe in Your Son Jesus Christ.
  • You, Lord, are my refuge. I have chosen You, the Most High God, as a protector and made it my home.
  • No evil will come upon me, and no evil will find my dwelling.
  • You will command your angels to take care of me and protect me wherever I go.
  • They will bear me in their hands, and I will not stumble.
  • For you, Lord, say, I will save him, because he loves me so much.
  • I will protect him, because he knows me and honors my name.
  • If he calls to Me, I will answer him. If he is in trouble, I will be with him. I will free him and restore him.
  • I will give him long life and show him my greatness.

For Lord, I love You and glorify Your Name. Thank You, Lord, that You are with me when I am in trouble, that when I call on You You will hear me. Thank You for being with me in times of trouble and for helping me out, for giving me longevity, and for showing Your greatness.

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