Pregnant for a married man but my fiance thinks he is responsible

I am pregnant for another man that is married but my fiance thinks that he is responsible for the pregnancy. How can I tell him the real father of the baby?

Hi Afrinik, my name is Pelagie and I would like to share my story with you.

In doing so, because I would like to seek advice and not judgments that would not help me out of this situation.

I have been in a relationship for almost a year with Hermann. I love him and he makes me happy. He looks as fulfilled as I am in this relationship. Especially since I told him I was pregnant 4 months ago. He was eager to deposit the dowry with my parents and we scheduled the wedding for after my delivery.

My child’s father is married

However, behind this beautiful story lies a heavy secret that I do not think I can keep for a long time. The baby I’m bearing is not from him but from Regis. He is a man with whom I have a relationship for a long time. The problem is that he is married and for the moment he does not know yet that I am pregnant.

My only fear right now is that I do not find the courage, to tell the truth to everyone. My whole world may collapse in this case and I will lose my fiancé and find myself alone. I even fear that Regis wants to take my child away after birth.

Now I have two choices: either I say the whole truth and I find myself alone without my child or my fiancé or I keep everything for myself and my child is born in peace in a home with Hermann who will love him as his own son.

My whole family shares my happiness with Hermann. Nobody is aware of this idiot called Regis that I kept secret until then. The time is really pressing because I will give birth in 4 months and it’s time for me to decide.

Help me.

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