Weird: Transgender gives birth, shares experience [Photos]

A transgender man who gave birth to a boy admitted that he wouldn’t have become pregnant after being insulted and judged by people.

Born a woman by the name of Whitney and turned into a man, Wyley Simpson, 28, decided to stop her transformation process to have a child with her fiance Stephen Gaeth.

Transgender gives birth and shares his experience [Photos]

Although Wyley Simpson shows positive to a test of testosterone hormone and the doctors told her that she could not get pregnant because she has stopped seeing her period, the transformed young man discovered he was pregnant in February 2018.

Although they did not plan or ready to become parents at first, Wyley continued her pregnancy – while fighting daily insults and criticism.

In September 2018, Wyley gave birth to Rowan, by Caesarean section, and admits that it is an experience he will never be able to relive. The couple just celebrated the 6 months of their baby and revealed what is pregnancy and the role of parent.

Speaking of his pregnancy, he said: “It’s not every day that you see a pregnant man walking in the street, so you can imagine the insults we have suffered.”

Transgender gives birth and shares his experience [Photos]

The new dad who had already undergone surgery to remove her breasts, which means that he could not breastfeed, plans to continue his process of transformation. Wyley started taking testosterone in 2012 and had breast surgery in 2013 – however, he has not had surgery yet to get a penis.

Wyley had already revealed in an interview with KENS5 that he had not seen his period for years when he met Stephan. “We talked about testosterone and what the doctors told me and what we thought was the truth. It turns out that it was not the truth,” the transgender said.

It was 11 weeks that Wyley discovered he was pregnant. “I was nervous. I was very emotional, I started crying. I did not know what to do. I was worried because it was my first pregnancy.

On Instagram, the transgender wrote: “2nd to last day in Texas. Rowan got to see his cousin Mickayla and it was beautiful. So longTexas, it was fun and we created good memories. It’s our time to go.”

“But I was also nervous because I had to face a lot of insults. In addition to receiving rude comments from other people, the pregnancy took me a lot emotionally,” he recalls.

While grateful that he was able to carry his own child, Wyley explains that he could not feel comfortable becoming a father until after Rowan was born. Since giving birth and returning to hormone therapy, life has returned to normal.

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