Priests of ancient Egypt: Atlanteans in space and time

The priests of ancient Egypt were the main keepers of the sacred secrets, traditions and culture of Ancient Egypt. They possessed ancient, secret, powerful knowledge in the field of astronomy, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and medicine.

The priests headed their schools in Memphis, Sais, Thebes and Heliopolis. Possessing secret knowledge, they devoted only their students to them. This knowledge was not available to ordinary people. Studying for the priesthood was difficult, training began when the future priest was not four years old and ended by the age of twenty.

The priests of the highest dignitaries were awarded the title Ur — “high, exalted”, the most famous priest of Maa — Imhotep, the builder of the step pyramid of Djoser. He was the chief seer and bore the highest title of Ur Maa.

A special role was played by the priests of Ur Heku — “the owner of sacred powers”. They were the guardians of the Divine Power and could transfer it to objects — “sanctify”, as well as help the sick in healing. The priests of Kher Heb performed the duties of temple scribes and were the keepers of the sacred books. They were responsible for copying and preserving the scrolls of the temple library and were revered as the keepers of the “words of power” — sacred words with special abilities.

The priests chose a favorable time for sowing and harvesting, they determined the exact time of the Nile flood, data from temple libraries were used in making forecasts, where detailed observations of astronomical phenomena were stored.

The ancient Egyptians were skilled physicians and the healthiest people in the Ancient world. However, medicine was not just a profession for them, but a sacred science. The Egyptians believed that the recovery of the patient depends not only on medical skills but also on the divine will, So the healers of Ancient Egypt were not only doctors but also priests, in addition to the wisdom of treatment, they studied sacred texts.

The priests possessed ritual funeral magic and served necropolises and tombs. The ancient Egyptians believed that after the death of a person’s physical body — Kat, his name — Ren, soul — Ba (eternal life) and the energy double of a person — Ka (astral plane) remains alive. Ka -goes, like the Sun, to the land of darkness to the west — Duat (the afterlife), where the souls of all the dead reside.

It was believed that the priests could influence the posthumous existence of the Ka with secret mystical spells and ritual magic. They were able to mummify the bodies of the dead, and put special figures near them — “ushabti”, depicting a person who protected Ka in the afterlife.

The priests used secret mystical psychic techniques of spells and witchcraft. There was a culture of amulets, potions, magical images and spells that protect against various diseases.

The treatment was performed taking into account astronomical factors — the location of stars, constellations, the Sun, Moon and planets. The ancient Egyptian priests possessed the art of prediction, magical control of the weather, and astronomical phenomena.

The first priests of Egypt were Atlanteans who could communicate with the Spiritual Cosmic Mind — God, and it was they who built the pyramids of Chephren, Cheops and Mikkerin, in which they laid the knowledge of the ancient Atlanteans.

The priests used the pyramids for the mysteries, which are still secretly held today. The priests of Atlantis lived up to 500 years, they knew that God is one and gave the Egyptians knowledge about the soul’s travels in the other world, setting them out in the Egyptian “Book of the Dead”.

The pyramids of Giza, built by the Atlantean priests, serve as guardians of the Earth, they receive and transmit the energies of the Cosmos as antennas.

The pyramids fulfill God’s plan. They give a person the opportunity to think about the meaning of life, and feeling the greatness, and mystery of unusual structures. They contain encrypted knowledge that will be revealed to people as they grow spiritually.

There is a capsule inside the pyramid of Cheops, which contains documents confirming that the pyramids were built according to the drawings of the Atlantean priests, and when this knowledge is revealed to people, a new stage in the development of civilization on Earth will begin.

The Egyptian pyramids contain many secrets and riddles, they serve as the most important source of information about events that took place in the distant past. The great pyramid of Cheops is oriented so that on the days of the spring (March 20-21) and autumn (September 22-23) equinoxes, the sun appears exactly at noon at the top of the pyramid, as if crowning a huge Temple. In the Great Pyramid, the Egyptian priests conducted the mysteries of Osiris and Isis.

The initiation of the disciples took place in the underground rooms, which were located under the pyramid. After the adept acquired a certain amount of knowledge, he was subjected to tests in underground labyrinths. Then the disciple chosen by the priests was taken to a secret sanctuary, where, on pain of death, he swore never to share his knowledge with the uninitiated.

Only after that, the priests reveal to him the main secrets, the first of which was the dogma of the one God. In addition, the priests taught the newly initiated to predict the future by the stars and to come into contact with cosmic forces.

Drunvalo M., scientist, ecologist, and esotericist, in the book “The Secret Egyptian Mystery” writes; “The ancient Egyptian mysteries teach those divine energies to emanate to the top of the Great Pyramid, which is like an inverted tree with a crown at the bottom and roots at the top. From this inverted tree, divine wisdom spreads down the sloping sides and spreads throughout the world.”

The triangular shape of the pyramid is similar to the pose of the human body, which it takes during traditional meditations. According to the priests, the great pyramid was likened to the Universe, its top was a man reaching out to God. Initiates passed through the mystical corridors and chambers of the Great Pyramid, they entered as people and left as Gods.”

Some researchers of the Egyptian pyramids believe that the priests used their ability to predict the future for the benefit of not only their contemporaries but also future descendants, and in order to convey important information to us, they used pyramids.

As proof of such a theory, scientists cite the results of comparing the sizes, proportions and location of secret inner rooms in the pyramids, the fact the orientation of the pyramids relative to the cardinal directions, a pattern in the coincidence of their numerical designations with known dates in the history of human development.

Based on this, the researchers concluded about the true purpose of the pyramids, which, in their opinion, consists of an effort to warn humanity about the coming cataclysms and is associated with the prophetic predictions of the Egyptian priests, as well as with messages encrypted not only in writing but also in the proportions of the pyramids themselves and their orientation to the cardinal directions.

Keeping in touch with the Cosmos, the ancient Egyptian priests were able to calculate the upcoming events for many millennia before their accomplishment.

What did the Egyptian Atlantean priests leave us as a legacy? Egyptologist Basil Davidson managed to decipher the text of a Coptic manuscript in which the ancient builders of the Great Pyramid transmitted information received from the priests about the achievements of science, the position of the stars and events that occurred in Egypt. The information contained in the manuscript coincides with the information obtained as a result of comparing the proportions of the pyramids.

John Taylor, the founder of the science of pyramidology, in 1859 “realized that the architect of the Great Pyramid was not an Egyptian, but an Israelite who acted according to Divine command. Maybe it was Noah himself. The one who built the Ark was the most competent of the people to guide the construction of the Great Pyramid.”

In 1864, the famous astronomer Charles Piazzi Smith put forward the idea that the Great Pyramid holds the secrets of understanding biblical prophecies from the beginning of time until the second coming of Christ.

In 1993, the Belgian scientist Robert Beauvel made a stunning discovery. He noticed that the location of the three pyramids of Giza corresponds to the position of the three main stars in the Orion belt, which are above the horizon line only when they cross the meridian of Giza.

Computer analysis conducted by Beauvel showed that the placement of the Giza monuments corresponds to the map of the sky as it looked around 10450 BC. This allowed scientists to conclude that it was then that the pyramids were erected.

The famous soothsayer Edgar Cayce claimed that the Sphinx was built at about the same time as the pyramid of Cheops. “The Sphinx is facing exactly that point in the sky, he said, where, around 10450 BC, three stars from the Orion belt shone in a strictly defined place above the horizon line. The Sphinx is a pronounced “additional marker” pointing to a given point.”

Edgar Cayce wrote: “The most important information for modern humanity should be found at the base of the Sphinx’s left foreleg, but not in the underground tunnels under it. The information is embedded in the cornerstone of the foundation of this paw. Tunnels under the Sphinx, not yet known to you, also carry an information load in their configurations. However, the capsule with the message to the descendants is located under the left front paw…”.

Tunnels under the Sphinx have indeed been found. Using seismic equipment, the researchers found a chamber under the front paws of the Sphinx, from which the tunnel came out, in one of the wells at a depth of 32 meters, the entrance to the tunnel was found. There was a sarcophagus made of black granite. However, nothing is yet known about the “capsule with a message to descendants”. The Atlantean priests left many unsolved mysteries and riddles were left to mankind by the Atlantean priests, who encrypted them in the most ancient structures – pyramids.

Humanity repeats the path of an adept seeking initiation into the mysteries of the Egyptian mysteries. At the same time, the path for the adept and humanity is the same, it is encrypted in the architecture of the Great Pyramid. There is only one difference, the path that the adept takes in the space of the Pyramid, which humanity takes in Time.

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