Prince George reveals his special nickname to an alien woman

The British prince George (5) has a total stranger he met during a walk with his grandmother who says he has been nicknamed by his parents. It was thought that was Poppet, because his mother Kate had already used it. But according to George himself it is Archie.

Carole Middleton, George’s grandmother and Kate’s mother, was walking with her grandchildren when little George revealed his nickname. The woman made the revelation to The Sun newspaper. “Prince George came to pet my dog and we got talking. Of course, I knew what his name was, but asked him anyway. The security guards asked me if I would please do not take pictures, I did not do that,” said the woman.

It is common for members of the British royal family to have a nickname. Prince William, for example, was named Wombat by his mother Princess Diana and Kate’s nickname during her childhood was Squeak.

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