Pros and Cons of dating an African man

Dating an African man is one of the most rewarding experiences a woman may have in her life. I have a few friends from all over the globe, and the bulk of them are now dating African men since I introduced them to the greatest men Africa has to offer.

In this post, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of dating an African man and what women, in general, should know before dating an African guy. African males, in my opinion, have a terrific physique build, and most of them are also attractive, hot, and seductive.

It takes a lot of patience and understanding to date an African guy. African women do not have a tough time coping with African men since African men continuously surround them, and the bulk of African women grew up among them. I understand how aggravating they can be at times. I’m not implying that all African guys are the same; believe me when I say that some of them are really passionate and loving.

African males were formed and gifted by God with attractive looks, wonderful physical appearances, and everything a woman could want in a guy. On the other hand, our macho African males have chosen to date women of different races. It’s all OK in the end. African guys are now able to sample honey pots from all around the globe.

African guys may be found all over the world, and I think there are many women from other continents who would want to date or are dating African men. Non-African women should keep these considerations in mind if they are dating or intending to date or marry an African guy.

What to consider before dating an African man?

1. Preparing meals

Cooking is one of the ways that African men may be satisfied. Even if you despise cooking, try to cook a couple of meals every week. An African guy, among other things, adores a lady who has his belly. ‘If you desire a man’s heart, go via his gut,’ according to African proverb. An African guy appreciates knowing that you can adequately feed him. Cooking by itself can bring you any African guy you want. African guys like returning home after work, taking a bath, and eating delectable food. When you’re gone, they’ll certainly miss you.

African men like women who can create their favorite foods; just make sure whatever you cook is delicious. The exquisite taste of their mother’s food spoils African males, particularly Nigerians. As a result, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort in the kitchen. No African guy will always take you out to eat or take you to a restaurant. He wants to know whether you’re a good chef!

2. African men have a strong desire for dominance

African males have seldom ruled their wives. African guys are often eager to demonstrate their masculinity. Their riches, how they treat you, or their religious and mental level might all be indicators. An African man has large egos and enough pride to span from Kenya to China. Most African males are educated to be home leaders, and it is their responsibility to take care of a woman’s basic necessities.

African males are unable to stay at home and watch their wives tend to their needs. The majority of them see it as a personal affront. When a woman brings money into the family, many African men believe she will begin to disdain them. It’s simply the way African men are brought up. This is something you should be aware of before dating an African man.

3. African men are excellent in the bedroom

You don’t have to be concerned about whether or not an African guy is excellent in bed. I’m not sure how you and your African boyfriend get along in public, but I’m fairly certain it’s fantastic behind closed doors. Whether married or dating, an African guy wants to please his lady and provide her with a satisfying sexual experience. If only this were true, African men would consider themselves excellent lovers, but even if this isn’t the case for all African men, they at least try their hardest and put in the effort. In bed, African males are constantly trying to impress their women.

4. African men consume a lot of meat and fish

I don’t mind; I have yet to see an African guy who does not like meat or fish. When preparing dinner, you must include chicken, goat meat, turkey, or fish as an accompaniment. Otherwise, it isn’t a full meal. Give him a dish of rice without any meat or fish and watch how he reacts. I’m not sure why Africans have such a strong need for meat and fish; maybe it’s in their nature.

5. African men like having children of their own

African guys are eager to have a family of their own. Adoption of children by an African guy is uncommon. Rather of adopting children, they want to take on a second wife. For this reason, I’ve witnessed a lot of African men divorce their wives or take second wives. You must be prepared to provide him with a kid. It is especially visible among African males today, with some even attempting to get a female pregnant before marrying her.

African men are loving guys, some of them may be difficult to handle at first, but as you get accustomed to them, you will discover that they are enjoyable to be around. An African guy has all of the necessary qualities to love and respect a lady like a queen. It’s a fantastic idea to date them.

Pros and cons of dating an African man

People enter relationships because they have common interests with the other person, and it seems that this will work out for both of them. On the other hand, others would want to try out a relationship with someone from a completely different culture and background.

We’ve encountered cases when individuals from other nations met and began dating after a while—alternatively, blacks dating whites. Interracial relationships and marriages are typically lovely because two people of entirely different ethnicities, languages, and faiths are willing to be with one other and make things work out.

Dating an African man is an interesting experience for those who are curious. This is coming from a variety of intertwined sources, including cuisine, music, languages, and so forth. You’ll also get a glimpse inside the life of an Africa (which is clearly different, I can assure you). There are many wonderful things to learn from them, but there are some things to be cautious about as well. Everyone has flaws, and understanding them can help you cope with them more effectively.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of dating an African man. The list may not include all you desire, but it includes the most important information you should be aware of if you intend to date or marry an African.

Pros of dating an African man
Pros of dating an African man

Pros of dating an African man

1. African men are affable

African males are quite friendly. This might explain why they are unafraid to go to all corners of the globe. Regardless of color, culture, or religion, everyone is welcomed and accommodated by an African guy. This is one of the reasons why they frequently have girlfriends from all over the globe due to their openness. Why do you believe the number of inter-racial relationships in Africa has risen so dramatically? Exactly. It’s because they’re kind, warm, and liberal.

2. The majority of African men are hard workers

If you’re dating an African man, you’ve got yourself an advantage. African guys are renowned for their hard work and willingness to get their hands filthy (in the literal sense) in order to put food on the table. They do not believe in sitting and waiting for manna from heaven to fall.

Someone who is constantly eager to seize every chance that presents itself in order to carve out a place for himself. An African guy never settles for “good,” preferring to seek out what is superior to the rest. Ladies that are aware of this will always strive to date them since they are assets. Someone who is not only prepared to satisfy your requirements but also those of your family.

3. African men are proud of their heritage and culture

Ladies like guys who are open and accepting of the Western world and culture while maintaining a strong connection to their heritage. That is one of the positive characteristics of an African guy.

They may go to the distant reaches of the globe and meet individuals of diverse religions, educational levels, and ethnic origins, but they never lose touch with their roots. This explains why, even if he finds himself in Japan, a Nigeria will still kneel to welcome his parents, a Ghanaian would appear on his full native regalia in all his splendor, and Kenyan will speak his language freely.

As a result, it is always reassuring to know that they are constantly representing their homeland, no matter where they are. Another advantage of them is that they tend to share their knowledge with others with whom they come into touch.

For example, if you’re dating an African man, he’ll most likely want to share part of his culture with you. This might entail teaching you the language, showing you how ladies in his home country dress, and showing you how to prepare some of his local dishes, among other things. You stand to get all of these things and more if you work with him.

4. Nigerian men are compassionate

Nigerian guys are kind. They’ll make sure you’re properly looked after since they want to brag about you to their buddies. A normal African male usually wants his lady (girlfriend or wife) to be unique. He’d want his friends to be able to see that his hard-earned money is going to the appropriate place.

He may not have the most fashionable clothing, shoes, or automobiles, but he would go to great lengths to provide the best for his wife and children.

People assemble in certain countries in the western part of the continent and then show off their lovely wives or girlfriends to judge who looks more attractive and well-cared for. That is the lengths African men would go to provide the best for their women.

Dating an African man offers a lot of positive aspects, but it also has its share of drawbacks. It does, however, have a number of drawbacks. You’ll have to determine whether you’re capable of dealing with their concerns. After all, they’re not flawless, are they? The only thing left is for you to decide to accept them as they are, baggage and all.

Cons of dating an African man
Cons of dating an African man

Cons of dating an African man

1. African men are smooth talkers

If you didn’t already know, African guys have a knack for dressing well. They have the ability to talk their way out of almost any issue. Wait until he begins giving you explanations why he did what he did if you believe you’ve caught him in wrongdoing.

By the time he’s through, you’ll be wondering whether he was truly correct or if it was you who was incorrect. He may confuse you with so many tales that you will wind yourself saying sorry to him at the end of the day, and the hilarious part is that you will have no idea why you are apologizing.

They also lie a lot since they are slick talkers. They’ve honed their technique to the point that they can lie with a straight face. This is why it is so simple for them to hide things like infidelity since they know you will never find them. Even if you do, the way they plead and comfort you will make you want to give them another opportunity. This has to be towards the top of the list of drawbacks of being with them.

2. Overabundance of ambition

Yes, very certainly. They are so ambitious that they would do almost anything to get money in order to realize their goals. To earn money, some guys may rob, steal, murder, and so on. They are incredibly unpredictable and capable of doing anything while they are in this frame of mind. There have been reports of people being driven to crime by this state of mind, and some of them have paid the price with their lives.

This ‘hustling’ mentality in them is admirable, but it comes with a slew of drawbacks. Overall, you must exercise extreme caution while dating an African man. To begin, make sure you understand what he does for a job.

Some African guys are involved in a lot of shady dealings and hide it under the idea of respectability, so you’ll need a keen eye to spot them. As a result, give it some time. Spend some time getting to know him. Before you say yes to him, double-check. Don’t simply take his word for it or what his pals say (they are most probably doing the same thing).

3. Some of them may be dishonest

This is particularly true when interacting with their peers in the corporate world. They can do nearly anything to achieve in business because of their very ambitious nature, regardless of who suffers. Some of them engage in rituals and human sacrifice, trafficking in illegal products, selling counterfeit medications, advanced fee fraud, and armed robbery, among other things. Most of the time, the persons involved will have a side company (this time a legal one) to confuse others.

Note: I am not attempting to disparage any African man; nonetheless, this is not a typical occurrence among well-cultured African men; rather, it occurs exclusively among the nasty guys who exist in every tribe throughout the continent. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that all African guys are evil.

Some women have married African men only to discover after a few years that their spouse, whom they believed was in a natural form of company, was really an armed robber or engaged in other criminal activities. As a result, you must use extreme caution while interacting with males in general, not only African guys.

The message here is not to be suspicious of every attractive African man who approaches you for a relationship; rather, be aware of red flags before saying I do. This is true for guys in general.

4. African men are unyielding when it comes to foreign culture

Remember how much they adored the Western world while remaining connected to their roots? Great! They are very adaptable to all cultures, but the fact is that they are fiercely committed to their own culture, which might be restrictive or stiff to outsiders. As a result, there is a disadvantage to this component.

For example, if you are a foreigner planning to marry an African man, you will need to make some changes in your own life. There are also other characteristics that you must learn in order to fully fit in and be accepted. Learning their language, making their traditional dishes, and, of course, changing tour attire, particularly while visiting them in the village, are all important considerations.

The thing is, even if you do all of this, you might not be fully accepted or even accepted at all. Even after marrying a foreigner, the man’s family may organize a second covert wedding for him with a member of their tribe (sometimes with his approval). He is also supposed to have children with the second woman. They feel that children born to foreigners have mixed blood and hence do not entirely represent them, but children born to second-generation immigrants are viewed as fully-fledged and fully reflect their bloodline and all the family stands for.

5. African men are allowed to have many wives

Africans have practiced polygamy from the dawn of mankind. The reality is that, even though Christianity and modernity seem to have eradicated some of these practices, an African man is nonetheless seen to be a polygamist at heart.

As a result, women who are married to them sometimes confront the problem of having another woman in the line. Even if men do not marry the woman, they often have children with her and later separate from them. The guy does not want to do it most of the time, but his family supports him. Trying to persuade him that a guy needs more than one woman. So, unless you don’t mind sharing your boyfriend with another woman, this is something you should really consider.

Overall, dating an African man is a wonderful and rewarding experience. All you have to do now is choose to cope with the negative aspects while appreciating the positive aspects.

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