Protest against Brexit increases: “We want a new referendum”

In London, hundreds of people protested last night against the Brexit agreement. The Protestants ask a new referendum on a trip from the European Union. Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday defended the agreement with hand and tooth in the House of Commons.

The protests were organized by the pro-European movement. In this way they express their want by showing dissatisfaction with the provisional Brexit agreement that was voted this week. “In the national interest” The British Prime Minister Theresa May defended the preliminary Brexit agreement with the European Union in the House of Commons yesterday. Although she already lost five government members. “This is the best deal that we could negotiate. The agreement to vote away brings us all the way back to. It contains parts that many said would never happen”, May made a strong impression.

“I believe from the bottom of my heart that the course that I have mapped out is the right one,” explained May. Despite the resignation of Brexit Minister Dominic Raab and other government members. And a wave of criticism from almost all political parties. The Conservative Prime Minister, has determine to submit the draft agreement to the British Parliament.

According to May, the draft agreement on the British departure from the European Union is “in the national interest.” And remains true to the wishes of the voters who voted for the brexit in June 2016. She had to make “difficult and uncomfortable decisions”, including about Northern Ireland. But the rejection of the agreement will immerse Britain in “deep and serious uncertainty”, warned May. She also excluded a new referendum.

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