Protests in Venezuela: protesters burned the statue of Hugo Chavez

Several users celebrated in the networks the action of the demonstrators. Some called the statue “devilish”, others said it was the “sign of the fall of Chavism.” It happened in San Felix, in the state of Bolivar.

During the protests on Tuesday night, in which hundreds of Venezuelans protested against the Nicolas Maduro regime, protesters burned the statue of the late President Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan media reported.

The episode occurred in San Felix, in the state of Bolivar. Several videos and photos broadcast on social networks showed the burning statue of the former socialist ruler, considered the founder of the regime that plunged Venezuela into the worst economic and humanitarian crisis in its history.

These expressions of rejection of the regime occur on the eve of a national demonstration called by the opposition, in Caracas and in the 23 states of the country, to point to the dictator Nicolas Maduro as “illegitimate” and as “usurper”.

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