Ten famous waterfalls in the world [Photos]

Waterfalls and everything connected with it, is an incredible experience that is on the rise. It is due to the development of infrastructure and changing priorities among people.

It is not difficult to get to almost anywhere globally, and the usual entertainment no longer seems so attractive to travellers. Among natural attractions, waterfalls are among the first places in popularity.

They are beautiful in themselves, and a unique ecosystem often develops around them, pleasing to the eye and giving a lot of impressions. Waterfalls vary in size, are scattered worldwide, and legends are associated with them, both with a factual basis and fantastic. Seeing at least a few is a good vacation goal.

The beautiful and most famous waterfalls in the world

1. Iguazu falls

Iguazu falls
Iguazu falls

Iguazu is not just one waterfall but a whole complex. Most of its parts have separate names, and it is located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. They are located on the River of the same name and included in the national parks of both countries. The maximum height is 82 meters; the width is 2,700 meters. Islands separate the waterfalls. Tourism in the surrounding area is flourishing. Guests offered a shuttle service, souvenirs and waterproof clothing.

2. Kaieteur


It locates in Guyana on the Potaro River. It is not so far from the border with Venezuela. Height – 226 meters, width varies from 90 to 105 meters. Belonging to a national park made it possible to preserve the waterfall almost intact. The location also played an essential role in this: it is difficult to get to it. Near the foot of the waterfall, it is constantly cloudy, and there are endless waves on the water.

3. Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls
People Bathing in Devils Pool on the edge of Vicoria Falls at the end of the dry season, Zimbabwe/Zambia Border Southern Africa

Situated on the boundary of Zambia and Zimbabwe and located on the Zambezi River. Height – 120 meters, width – about 1800 meters. It is unique in the ratio of these two indicators, and the name gives in honour of the Queen of England. It is part of two national parks. Tourists come to admire the views and raft along the numerous rapids, which are also suitable for beginner rafters.

4. Angel Falls

Angel Falls
view from below forest of Angel falls in venezuela in canaima park

Angel falls located in Venezuela. The approximate height is 979 meters, which makes it a world record holder. Width – 107 meters. Located in a national park surrounded by tropical forests. Waterfalls from the top of Auyan-Tepui into the River. Because the height of the fall is so impressive, the water below splits into small particles and forms fog. You can get here by plane or by the River. There are special tours.

5. Gocta Waterfall

Gocta Waterfall
Gocta Waterfall

Gocta waterfall located in Peru. Its height is 771 meters. It has a tiny pool, so the volume of water when falling fluctuates depending on precipitation and the season—surrounded by wet jungle. Rare species of birds and animals live here, some on the verge of extinction. The waterfall can only visit with a local guide; you have to pay for it. There are many sugarcane plantations nearby.

6. Virginia Falls

Virginia Falls
Virginia Falls

It located in Canada in a national park. It is part of the South Nahanni River Basin. The height of the mountain peak on which the waterfall located is about 500 meters. The size of the fall of the water is 96 meters. The width fluctuates around 260 meters. The rainbow is a frequent occurrence here; it formed from the so-called “water dust”. There are many viewing platforms nearby; there are thermal springs.

7. Hanging Glacier Falls

Hanging Glacier Falls
Hanging Glacier Falls

It located in the Chile Aysen region. There are about two thousand glaciers of various sizes in the area. On one of them – the only one hanging in the world – the waterfall is located. The intensity depends on the season. The height is about 550 meters. It’s almost impossible to get close, but a beautiful view of the waterfall opens up from the nearby lake.

8. San Rafael Waterfall

San Rafael Waterfall
©iStockphotos – San Rafael Waterfall in the Napo province, Ecuador, the highest waterfall in Ecuador

San Rafael waterfall is located in Ecuador on the Coca River in Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve. Massive rocks, densely covered with greenery, form a relief depression from were the waterfalls. The cascade is double, so the height is divided into two sectors: 50 and 100 meters, respectively. The width is about 14 meters. A thick fog lies at the foot. It also raises a lot of splashes and is very noisy. It is part of the national park; there is an observation deck.

9. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

Niagara falls complex of waterfalls in the United States and Canada. Each of the waterfalls has its name. The total height is approximately 53 meters, and the width is 792 meters. It used to generate energy. Tourism developed to the maximum. There are all kinds of excursions, various souvenirs. Observation platforms are made both close and at a sufficient distance to provide guests with the opportunity to see the entire panorama.

10. Jog Falls

Jog Falls
Jog Falls

It located in India on the Sharavati River. It has several names associated with both origin and pronunciation: Gersoppa and others. Height – 255 meters. Such an impressive size explained by belonging to the Western Ghats mountain system. It consists of four stages. It used to generate electricity, generating power in the range of 891 MW.

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