PSG-Real: Xavi gives his opinion on the performances of Neymar and Cristiano

Following the defeat of PSG against Real, the former star of Barcelona, Xavi shared his opinion on the performance of Neymar and Cristiano in the first leg of the Round of 16 Champions League.

Neymar has been severely criticized for his performance, which according to Xavi is an injustice. He claims that the Brazilian has been above Cristiano.

“I read a lot of articles that said Cristiano was still above Neymar. No! No! It is unfair. What did Ronaldo do? He scored a penalty and a knee goal… But what are we doing goal opportunities created by Neymar? Counter-attacks? The fear he sowed among the Madrilenians?” He said in an interview with SoFoot.

He also said that Real has not really been a threat to PSG despite their victory and believes that the Paris club can win the return match that will be played on March 6.

“The Real was lucky to go. But this chance, they provoked it, so I tell myself that if the PSG plays back with character, they can do it. Going up two goals is not insurmountable, and then it can happen a lot in 90 minutes. In my opinion, the PSG has the mentality to turn the tide,” he added.

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