Quarantine owner walks dog with a remote-controlled drone

A man from Cyprus has invented an ingenious way to walk his dog while the owner is in quarantine due to the corona crisis. Vakis Demetriou attached a drone to the leash and then flew the remote-controlled mini-helicopter down a deserted street in the resort town of Limassol.

The images Demetriou made of the exhaust lap show that his four-footer is quite happy with the new way of walking. While the drone buzzes above its head, the little dog looks around, interested, and wagging happily. Now and then, the dog looks for eye contact with Demetriou, who controls the thing from a balcony.

The video, with the text ‘fifth day in quarantine, stay safe at home but do not forget your dog happiness’, is widely shared on Facebook and Instagram and provided with the necessary comments. Such as: ‘Smart, but unfortunately, this only works with small pets’. Or: ‘The sweetest video I saw in these dark days’.

Not everyone trusts the images. The dog would have been trained to be walked like this before. The owner has not yet responded to that suggestion. Not even to the question of whether he then went to clean up the droppings of the bugle himself.

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