Real men do one round and sleep not poor that hit overnight – Pat Ugwu

The sexy and curvy Nollywood actress, Pat Ugwu, in her usual way, has once again made a sensation, and this time, she says that real men only go one round of sex and that only the less rich spend eternity as if they are “releasing their poverty inside your honey pot”.

Few women feel as free to discuss sex, not to mention the number of strokes they can handle in one night. But that’s not the case with Pat Ugwu.

Pat threw the bomb into an Instagram post with sensual images, saying that real men are just one trick.

Real men do one round and sleep not poor that hit overnight – Pat Ugwu

“Real men do one round and sleep, but the jobless ones will hit it overnight like they are releasing their poverty inside your honey pot”, she wrote.

For many women in the world, any man who does not have the capacity to bed long is considered lazy and poor in bed, but it seems that this way of thinking is not embarrassing with the diva of the screen.

Blows, congratulations on age differences between couples Pat Ugwu is one of Nollywood’s most daring actresses.

Her Instagram account @patpatugwu is full of sensual photos of her, displaying her well-formed back. In addition to acting, she writes, sings, dances and plays models.

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