“I am the CEO of ass” – Actress Pat Agwu

Nollywood actress and self-acclaimed CEO of ass, Pat Agwu have revealed to the world just what is important to her. The controversial Bumbum added that her selling point is her ass.

According to Agwu in a chat with Potpourri, her Bumbum is more important than any other part of her body. In her words: “it’s my ass; ‘Ikebe’, ‘Ukwu’.”

There is currently a standard that ravages social media and is called self-love or self-crushing. This has sparked groups such as the “Breast Movement,” the “Bum Movement” and so on.

"I am the CEO of ass" – Actress Pat Agwu

Pat Ugwu who is also a singer, dancer, and model continues that her “ass has helped me so much and it is still helping.” In the world of women today, most of them believe in “Bottom Power” as prior power to succeed in their endeavors.

The self-acclaimed CEO of ass insisted that “if you don’t look sezxy then you are nothing as a woman.”

Pat writes below

You all know my selling point, it’s my ass; ‘Ikebe’, ‘Ukwu’, I’m the CEO of ass, what else if not my ass. I take care of my ass more than my stomach because it’s my selling point, and I also cherish my legs too. Men are dying for the ass and my ass has helped me so much and it is still helping me and I believe it can only get bigger even tomorrow, so no shaking.

Pat Agwu

“Being sexy means everything to me, it means the world to me. I like being sexy, as a woman you have to be sezxy, if you don’t look sezxy then you are nothing as a woman.

She stressed

Some of us that are not facially beautiful, we have to flaunt the other assets in our body that make us outstanding. I don’t joke with being sezxy that’s why I am always in the gym, exercising my body to look fit and fresh, even in my 50s, I won’t stop gyming because I want to be forever sezxy.

Pat Agwu concluded

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