Reasons many men hide their relationship status

Sometimes men want to keep their relationship to themselves, especially at the beginning of the love affair. While you may think this is a negative sign, you still don’t need to go too early with negative conclusions.

One of the reasons men like to hide their relationship is that they don’t want to listen to other people’s opinions. When it comes to mutual friends of the partner, they could start asking many questions about private things that can bother both partners.

The best way to handle such a situation is to be patient and wait a while to discover your purpose in that relationship before the conclusion. If you have real friends by your side, they will surely be happy when you reveal it to them.

The reasons why many men hide their relationship

1. Family approval is vital to them

If your partner comes from a traditional family or parents who have plans for what kind of person their son should be in a relationship with, they will surely try to hide their relationship from them for a while.

Communication in these cases is crucial. Try to find a way to get closer to his family and understand his family’s rules.

2. They are more exciting in a relationship

Men usually think that the hidden relationship is much more exciting and warmer than usual. What if? It could be a way to enjoy hiding the connection, and all that is hiding brings for a while longer.

3. Not sure about their feelings

Men can be just as insecure, just like women, when it comes to feelings and new relationships. Maybe he wants to see how serious your relationship is in order to reveal it to his friends and family. Time is of the essence, and he will quickly figure out if it’s true love or not.

4. He just broke up and got into a relationship with you

If this is the case, there could be several reasons why he wants to keep the relationship a secret: he doesn’t want to hurt his ex’s feelings. He wants to protect his new girlfriend from the embarrassment his ex might create for them.

Reasons many men hide their relationship status

Maybe he still loves his ex-girlfriend and thinks he would reconcile soon. In such a situation, the best way is to ask for his explanation, but do it without pressure.

5. Jealousy

One of the reasons for hiding a relationship could be jealousy. If a man is really in love with a girl, he might think that one of his friends might kidnap her.

Trust is an important element of a relationship. He has to make sure it’s one of the girls that match his ego, and only then he will gladly reveal the relationship status.

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