Reasons not to compare your relationship to those of the series

By watching the movies, it happens that the different actions or the sentences pronounced by the actors produce effects on the spectators.

Yes, these short films or feature films are intended to entertain, educate or touch viewers.

Sometimes, some people are negatively influenced.

Here are 5 reasons that should prevent you from comparing your relationship to those of movies!

1] These are staged
Yes, it’s true that there are movies based on real facts. Remember that images and dialogue are staged.

2] Perfection
To get the images you watch on TV, every action and every dialogue performed by the actors is repeated until they get a perfect scene that matches the scenario. That’s why you’ll feel like their couple, their hugs and their love scenes are perfect.

3] Each story revolves around a scenario.
The actors respect the instructions. Indeed, they are forced to have particular reactions or behaviours that people do not have “necessarily” in real life.

4] Your partner is not an actor or an actress.

Some people want their partners to look like the actors or actresses they saw in an X movie and want them to perform the same feats in bed.

Some women dream that their husbands will become romantic overnight. They want their man to have abs or give them fiery kisses.

Know that your half is not the one you saw in the movie. Instead of wanting to change it, help it to improve.

5] The scenario arouses reactions among the spectators.
Everything you feel is normal, but do not demand that your wife or husband look like the characters in the movies. You can take inspiration from the different films if you wish to add spice or romance to your relationship. Remember that these are “movies” and you are not an actor or an actress.

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