Reasons not to try to win back your ex

After a breakup, many who have not handled the separation well tend to want to get their ex back. Several people and even love coaches draw up strategies to get your ex back.

Have you been thinking about how to reconnect with your ex? Maybe because of the memory of the night you had with him/her or the time spent together. However, in this article, we instead give you reasons not to win back your ex.

The destabilizing letter

This letter is all about pinpointing your ex’s needs and subtly responding to them by exposing your new philosophy and the like. You should know that you do not need to play a role or even feel sorry for someone to come back to you.

Resumption of contact

After placing your pawns, you should attempt to re-establish contact. Be careful; if you have to get back in touch with your ex, it must be because you saw the merits of doing so, and without a second thought. Otherwise, at the slightest bug, your ex may feel like you’ve figured it out.

Personal reconstruction

Some will say that there is no reconquest without reconstruction. Then, you ask to adopt the behaviour you had at the beginning of your relationship, which seduced your partner. The universe is changing because people are changing. If you have to stay at the same point just because you want to get someone back, you are making a mistake. You have to change first for yourself and not for someone else.

Radio silence

It is recommended in the reconstruction phase to observe radio silence. It consists of cutting off the contact to foresee the rest of the reconquest better. If you regularly hang out with this person, you will find it challenging to keep your distance. Be natural. You may have things to learn from this person and vice versa.

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