Reasons Paula White invokes Angels from Africa to give Trump victory

Not even Angels could help Donald Trump! They were invited and directed to apply for Visa in the nearest US embassy around them, but unfortunately, by the time they got an appointment, it was over.

Is it over for Donald Trump? It seems Yes! Even though Joe Biden won, the man Trump fought a good fight. The battle to make sure that President Donald Trump won re-election was not only fought in Pennsylvania or in Georgia or in Arizona and Nevada. No! It was being fought in heaven.

The Spiritual Adviser of Donald Trump, Paula White, invokes Angels from Africa and South America to fight for Donald Trump and give him victory. In the video, Paula White was praying and said: “Angels dispatch from Africa, Africa right now,…… They’re coming here. They’re coming here in the name of Jesus from South America. They’re coming here.”

Angels were invited to come from Africa and from Latin America. Most Africans and people from Latin America found it funny. But for Paula White, it wasn’t funny. Paula White was not joking. She exhibited the same unholy and unclean ideas that so many whites American Christians are known for. If you like, call it a racist idea.

The Trump Spiritual Adviser continues: “They’re coming here. They’re coming here. They’re coming here from Africa, from South America. Angelic forces, Angelic reinforcement, Angelic reinforcement.”

Remember that people like Paula White were the ones who fought a civil war to keep black people as slaves in America. Oh, yeah. They were the Bible-quoting white Americans. They are the ones who lynched black people when they could no longer keep them as slaves.

These white American Christians were the ones in KKK who fought to make sure that black kids did not go to school with white kids. Don’t ever forget that they were also the same people who fought to make sure that black people were not allowed to marry white people.

As far as Paula White is concern, she hears the sounds of victory for Donald Trump. “I hear the sound of victory. I hear the sound of victory. I hear the sound of victory…” She prayed.

She heard the sound of victory, but some people, mostly in Africa, laughed at her. But what we didn’t think about is why she was inviting angels from Africa. What happened to Angels in America? Angels from Europe? Even Los Angeles, as you all know, is the City of Angels. Why didn’t Paula White invoke angels from nearby Los Angeles?

Why does she want angels from Africa to go and get Visa from the American Embassy and then begin the long Journey and long flight to America? The reasons.

Angels in America overeat hamburger. The American Angels are overweight that they could not run-up to Pennsylvania, to Georgia, to Arizona, and then back to Michigan quick enough. LoL! In Paula White’s mind, African Angels had experience dealing with demons and witches, so they will be the best group of Angels that could be deployed against the Witches of the democratic party.

To think of it, African Angels have fought Shango, Amadioha, and other African deities. Oh! Even the Angels from Brazil. These Angels must definitely know how to dribble the Electoral College. They have hundreds of years of experience fighting notorious demons.

Paula White doesn’t care; she keeps instructing the Angels to “strike and strike and strike and strike and strike and strike and strike and strike and strike until you (Trump, ed.) have victory for any enemy that is aligned against.”

When Donald Trump Jr. was talking about flooding Georgia and Pennsylvania with Lawyers. Did he say he would Imports top African lawyers to America? No! He mentioned good old American lawyers. But when it was time to import Angels, Paula White left all the places that she considered civilized world and went to places she considered the dark continents to find Angels that will fight the dark witches of the democratic party. And Africans will troop in their hundreds to go and see the likes of Paula White when they visit Africa. As for Paula, as far as we know, she hasn’t visited Africa before.

You won’t see her anywhere in Africa, just like Donald Trump. That notwithstanding, Africans will buy her books and memorize all her prayer points. Some African Preachers will draw all over her and copy her style of preaching. Meanwhile, she sees Africa as nothing but a dark continent. Only good enough for her to harvest hard-working African Angels to come and fight for her man, Donald Trump, as he loses the White House.


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