Red flags a guy is playing you

Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand what plans are being made by a guy with whom we would like to have a serious relationship, and not everyone will directly decide to ask about this. If you like a guy, but all the time you cannot understand whether your feelings are mutual, watch his actions, words and actions. Soberly assessing the situation, you will understand whether you should continue to spend time and energy on him. You can read about the red flags and understand that he is playing you.

7 red flags a guy is playing you

1. He restricts your access to his life

Red flags a guy is playing you

If you spend a lot of time with a man but still do not know his friends and family, this is an occasion to consider whether he values the relationship so much. If he does not want his close people to know about your acquaintance, perhaps he does not consider you his life partner.

But remember that each person can be guided by his motives, depending on his character.

2. He doesn’t include you in his plans for the future

If a man periodically tells you about his plans for the future, pay attention to whether he mentions how your relationship will develop in connection with these changes. If he asks you to think about whether you could move to another city with him, this is a good sign.

It’s worth seriously considering whether he really needs a relationship with you if, when mentioning the future, he speaks of himself in the singular and avoids the preposition “we”.

3. He doesn’t ask you serious questions

To understand whether a man is playing with you, think about what questions he often asks you.

If they relate to your hobbies, friends, and serious life situations, most likely he is interested in you. But if most of the dialogue is based on jokes and the man is not interested in what makes you feel, this is a reason to think if he values you that much. To understand this, you can start a conversation on an exciting topic and observe how he will behave and whether he will show interest.

4. He does not help you in solving household issues

Red flags a guy is playing you

As a rule, men who are committed to a serious relationship want to show a woman that they are always ready to help. Thus, they are trying to earn the trust of the chosen one and demonstrate what they are ready for her.

Remember if there were cases when you needed help, and he refused you when referring to cases or other problems. If this has happened more than once, he is probably playing you.

5. He doesn’t tell you about his childhood

The topic of childhood is one of the most intimate in every person’s life because it is during this period that we are faced with the first victories and defeats. Many people decide to speak frankly about their childhood in the company of other people only if they trust the interlocutors and consider them important people in their lives.

If a man avoids such conversations, he probably does not see you among those he can trust with his experiences. This is a sure sign that he does not attach importance to your acquaintance and is not ready to enter into a serious relationship.

6. You feel the coldness in his words and actions

Men in love, as a rule, treat their chosen ones with tenderness and awe. It is important for them that your day starts with a pleasant message or delicious coffee and ends with a delicious dinner and sincere conversations. Therefore, coldness and detachment on his part are sure signs that a man is not yet ready to enter into a relationship with you.

Non-verbal cues, such as not wanting to close the distance between you during a conversation and avoiding eye contact, can also be taken as signs that a man does not have romantic feelings for you.

7. Occasionally, the guy stops communicating

Many women intentionally justify such behavior of men by their high employment and daily problems. But if your guy can ignore your messages and calls for several days, your relationship is most likely not of value to him.

Remember that a person in love with you will always find time to call back, wish you good morning, and find out how your day went.

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