Release date of foldable Huawei smartphone postponed again

Huawei said during a press event that the Mate X will no longer be released in September. And so the release of the innovative device is postponed for a second time. Huawei wants to release the foldable smartphone this year, presumably before the holidays.

According to tech site Techradar, it is unlikely that the Mate X will be released before November. The website was present at the Huawei press event in China. That’s where the manufacturer explained that the device will not be released in September. The reason for the new postponement has not been given.

Originally the Mate X should have been released mid-2019, but in June Huawei postponed the release until September to do more tests. That delay followed after the problems that Samsung experienced with its foldable Galaxy Fold. That device should have been released at the end of April, but after review copies broke, Samsung canceled the release to adjust the design. Samsung will release its modified Galaxy Fold in September.

Huawei announced its Mate X in February and then mentioned a suggested retail price of 2,500 United States Dollar. According to Techradar, Huawei showed a version with an improved hinge at the press event in China.

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