Richest Man in the world has never been so rich: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

The richest man on earth, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (56), never had so much money. His assets increased to $172.3 billion, a new record. This is shown by the ‘Billionaires Index’ of the Bloomberg news agency.

The previous record dates from September 2018, when the same Bezos had an estimated capital of 167.7 billion dollars. However, this was followed by the divorce of his then-wife MacKenzie. The two agreed last year on a settlement worth 38 billion dollars, with Bezos giving her a quarter of his shares in Amazon.

But financially, Bezos has recovered from that loss. This year, Bloomberg said, his assets increased by more than USD 57 billion. Bezos owes most of his assets to his e-commerce company Amazon. He holds about 57 million shares, or 12 percent of the company, according to CNN, and this year’s stock has been up by half.

His ex MacKenzie, by the way, is worth $57.2 billion, making her 13th in the most recent update of the Billionaires Index.

The second richest man in the world is currently Microsoft founder Bill Gates, with $ 114.1 billion in wealth. In third place is French businessman Bernard Arnault, the man behind the French luxury goods group LVMH ($ 90.9 billion).

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