Top 10 greatest African kings in history

Africa is one of the world’s biggest and wealthiest continents. Today, Africa shines brighter than ever before globally, and the legacy of history’s greatest African rulers is never far away. So let’s have a look at them together.

10 greatest African kings

1. Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu
Shaka Zulu – ©Soundcloud

Shaka is a powerful and influential South African monarch. This military commander successfully turned his Zulu warriors into outstanding fighters and established his country as one of Africa’s most well-known.

2. Tenkamenin

Tenkamenin – ©Facebook

He is Ghana’s icon of greatness, noted for his exceptional leadership abilities. He was in charge of facilitating the gold trade in Western Sahara. His rule serves as an example to leaders worldwide since he was a justice and people management model. In addition, he was much valued for his ability to listen and be present.

3. Mansa Musa

Story of the king of kings, the richest man in history: Mansa Musa and his golden empire
Mansa Musa

Another Mali king is regarded as one of Africa’s greatest rulers. This charming monarch drew a lot of attention. He was an excellent academic, economist, art enthusiast, and scholar.

He was at the genesis of Mali’s apogee, which was regarded as one of the greatest countries of the time, and was considered one of the wealthiest individuals of all time. To get the latest stories, install our app here

If one thing should be remembered about his rule, it is the massive procession of over 70,000 men that he led from Timbuktu to Mecca to complete the holy pilgrimage. This incident won him a great deal of respect, which he still enjoys today.

4. Samory Toure

Samory Toure
Samory Toure – ©TRT World

Samory Toure is regarded as West Africa’s unifier. After gaining the freedom of his kidnapped mother, this monarch becomes enslaved and works in the Bitike’s army for a few years.

So naturally, when he returns to his homeland, he becomes Sudan’s king. One of his biggest achievements was terrifying the French by repelling their forces, who had come to take Africa’s kingdoms. This status won him the respect and admiration of Africans, who would remember him as the African monarch who fought colonialism and European forces with tenacity.

5. Sundiata Keita

Sundiata Keita
Sundiata Keita – ©Twitter

Sundiata Keita’s name is legendary in West Africa, and with good reason: the monarch declared “Mansa” (which means “king of kings”) as the foundation of Mali’s mighty empire. It has a past that is worthy of today’s “success tales.” A little prince, born to an unattractive lady and crippled until he was seven years old, grew up to become one of Africa’s most revered and well-known rulers. He understood how to be a superb administrator and performer in commercial, cultural, and exploitative growth. To get the latest stories, install our app here

6. Pharaoh Imhotep

How the sage Imhotep became a god in Ancient Egypt
Pharaoh Imhotep

Imhotep was a Pharaoh from ancient Egypt. This African monarch is also credited as the first genius in the world. His abilities in building, astronomy, physics, philosophy, and poetry have garnered him several prestigious titles, including Heliopolis’ high priest. He’s also the project manager for large architectural projects like the Saqqara complex. This great leader understood how to thrive in the scientific world. To get the latest stories, install our app here

7. Mohammed Ainla Lamuye

This Nigerian king is credited with having the longest reign of any African ruler. For the inhabitants of Iwoland, he was also a symbol of progress. Moreover, he was a well-liked and respected monarch, contributing to his longevity.

8. Behanzin Hossu Bowelle

Behanzin Hossu Bowelle
Behanzin Hossu Bowelle – ©Flowing Words

Behanzin Hossu Bowelle is said to have been the 19th century’s final ruler of West Africa. This African monarch battled valiantly for Dahomey’s (now Benin) independence from the colonialists. His heroic nicknames “King Shark” and “Egg of the World” came from persistence and bravery.

He did not hesitate to oppose French colonists’ imperialist aspirations to impose their African traditions. This African monarch reminds us that we must not surrender to imperialism and must continue to struggle for our nations’ freedom and independence, particularly in the face of everyday racism and prejudice.

9. Askia Muhammad I

Askia Muhammad I
Askia Muhammad I – ©Prabook

This African monarch of Songhai is credited for establishing a high-quality governance structure that is still recognized for its effectiveness today. Indeed, he builds a system where he divides the land into provinces and appoints a governor to each of them, overseen by a competent and dependable judicial system. He is well-known for his attributes.

10. Nzinga Mvemba

Nzinga Mvemba
Nzinga Mvemba – ©Yibada

Nzinga Mvemba, the Kingdom of Congo’s greatest ruler, was the kingdom’s second Christian king. He is known as the Apostle of the Congo and is one of the most influential African rulers in Central African history. To get the latest stories, install our app here

He supported the pope’s obedience to Christianity and opposed paganism and ancestral faiths, although he opposed the Portuguese colonists’ enslavement practices. He is famous for his actions against the slave trade.

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