Role of advert in organization and why it’s inevitable

An Advert is one of the major keys for an organization/firm/industry or company to interact, expose and reveal their products and services to their potential customers. But some organizations neglect the role of an advert, this piece will showcase the functions of advertising.

Advertising performs various key functions to help generate leads and or boost sales when done properly, and that’s why large and small organizations patronize it.

Therefore the purpose of this article is to let you understand the various roles advert performs and why you should patronize it too. But before we go into the business of the day, let get to understand the meaning of advertising.

What is advertising?

According to the committee of America Marketing Association (AMA), advertising can be defined as any paid form of nonpersonal communication (presentation and the promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor.


Paid form: Advertising is said to be paid form because it’s not free. If you intend to carry out any form of advertising for your product you’ll have to pay the advertising company for the advert.

Nonpersonal communication: Advertising doesn’t involve face to face or personal presentation between the advertiser and the target audience. It’s usually read, seen or heard of. Anything that involves face to face presentation is personal selling.

Identified sponsor: There’s always an image or sponsor behind any advertisement – it doesn’t just go live. i.e An advert on a burger could be from McDonald’s and if it is, then McDonald’s is the image behind it or sponsor of the advert.

Role of Advert

Having said that, let get right into the business of the day! Functions of Advertising. The value of advertising is associated with the five critical communications functions it performs and they are as follows:

Informing: Advertising creates broader view between producer and consumer, without advert, consumers or potential customers can’t be aware of your product. In essence, one of the key functions of advertising is that it makes consumers aware of your brand, educates them on your brand’s distinct features and benefits. i.e with advertising, you can let your target audience become aware of the new brand that’s into fried chicken and why it’s better than KFC’s by passing across your unique features.

Influence: Customers tend to try your new product based on the advert they saw on that product. Without advertising it’s almost impossible for such to happen. In other words, effective advertising propels prospective customers to purchase advertised products on trial during the adoption process.

When you advertise properly, it provides consumers and customers with reasoned arguments and emotional that appeals to one brand versus another. In other words, having created that initial awareness for your fried chicken; this function of advertising makes them want to try it out and confirm if it’s really good as portrayed or expressed in your advert.

Reminding and increasing salience: Another important role of an advert is that it keeps your company’s brand fresh in the memory of the consumers. For example, your fried chickens’ adverts usually come up at night when Mrs. Adams is on her favorite soap opera. It will increase the chance of sales in the concept of the program merged with the advert

After viewing the advert on a live program, she promised to give it a try, but she forgot. Now that’s sad because you’ve probably missed out on a potential long term customer. But since the advert will go live again at the same time while she’s watching her soap opera, she’s will definitely see it and that will remind her of your product’s she’s yet to try. And that will sound like: “Oh! I will definitely buy this fried chicken tomorrow.”

Now that’s the secret to more customers for companies into advertising because it keeps reminding the section of their target audience that is yet to purchase their product to go get it. And if it happens that they love it, they will definitely repeat purchase and possibly refer their loved ones which brings more customers and of course more profit for the company.

Adding value

You can add values to your offerings through three basic ways: innovation, improving quality, and altering consumer perception

These three value-added elements are completed interdependent as captured in the following quote: “Innovation without quality is a mere novelty, consumer perception without quality and/or innovation is mere pottery. And both innovation and quality, if not translated into consumer perception, are like the sound of the proverbial tree falling in the empty forest.”

Advert adds value to your brand by influencing perception. Effective advertising causes brands to be viewed as more elegant, more prestigious, of higher quality, etc. Furthermore, by adding value, advertising can generate for brands more sales volume, revenue, and profit and reduce risk of unpredictable future cash flows.

Assisting another company effort

The primary role of an advert to some firms is to facilitate other marketing communications efforts like personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity. In other hands, advertising literally pre-sell your company’s product and provides sales team or sales representatives with valuable introductions prior to their contact with prospective customers. In other words, advertising aids better presentation which is key to closing sales.

Furthermore, advertising also enhances the effectiveness of other marketing communications tools. For example, you advertised your fried chicken on a foodie magazine which captivated Mrs. Adams while she was reading it. Now upon getting to the store to grab a few things for the weekend, Mrs. Adams can easily identify the product package following exposure to advertisements for it on the magazine she read. In other words, advertising aids direct customers exposure to your products in stores and more readily recognize a brand’s value following.


In truth, the primary aim of every company (excluding non-profit organizations) is to make a profit. And to achieve this, there’s a need for end users to purchase their product and this is where advertising comes in. Having said that, your advert should be able to perform all of the above-mentioned functions to be effective. which (just as a reminder ) are:

Informing: creating awareness for your product.
Influence: Should be good enough to make your target audience want to try the product.
Reminder: customers attention are not always in a particular direction concerning a product due to various alternatives. Therefore your advert should keep your brand fresh in their memory for them to commit to you.
Added value: Your advert should add more value to your brand. It should be held at high esteem
Assisting another company effort: Your adverts should literally make things easier for your employees involved in sales promotion, personal selling and publicity by providing them with something they can build upon so as to close sales.

That’s it on the key function of advertising from my end. Know a good function? Please use the comment section below.

Authored by
Agabi Godwin.
A passionate blogger on business ideas with a degree in Marketing.

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  1. The role of advert shouldn’t be centered only on the positive ends. Wouldn’t there a negative effect, sometimes it creates competitors

    1. You’re right Chang. However an effective advert coupled with a good product will always keep you two steps ahead of your competitors.

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