Saido Berahino! 1 goal in 913 days, “3 babies with 3 women in 7 weeks”

Saido Berahino is testing this week at Zulte Waregem in an attempt to breathe new life into his career. He skimmed high at West Brom but quickly fell out of favor again due to a whole series of scandals. West Brom was able to shatter the Burundian Englishman to Stoke City for 14 million, but a fox does not lose its strokes and there he continued on his questionable zest. It is therefore understandable that Stoke would rather lose him than be rich. Can Dury keep him in line? An anthology of his coolest antics.

In 2016, Berahino was caught using a prohibited product during his period at West Brom. The English Football Association imposed an eight-week suspension on him. Because it was only a small amount of drugs, the striker said he could not be responsible for the positive doping test. According to him, someone had put the drugs in his drink. “Of course I was in that club, so I behaved irresponsibly. But after that, it all went downhill. To this day, I cannot imagine who wanted to do this to me. It is very difficult to accept if you are suspended for something for which you are not responsible.” After that incident, he was able to leave West Brom. Stoke gave him a new chance.

Where is everyone? Berahino is mistaken

To err is human, but this camel is perhaps more typical of Berahino’s professionalism. At the beginning of 2018, the English Burundian came fully equipped to the training complex of Stoke to travel with the other players to Old Trafford for the match against Manchester United. But to his surprise, his teammates were not there… Zouma was present at the club and he, together with the twitter community, could laugh heartily about it.

More children than goals

Berahino’s career had been in the slop for a while last September. It even went so bad that he could only score once in 913 days. And then it was one in the Carabao Cup. In that period, he scored a lot faster next to the field. He would have become a father no less than three times in seven weeks, and that with three different women. Speaking of a separate ‘hat trick’…

Baby number one saw the light of day on May 30th. The mother listens to the name Stephania Christoforou, the former fiancée of Berahino. Even before the two got married, it all went wrong. On Valentine’s day, his fiancée caught Berahino trying to sneak into the glamour model Chelsea Lovelace. So there was no marriage, a son named Costa and Berahino as a father on the birth certificate did.

Not much later came baby number two. On July 15 a nurse of African origin gave birth to a child. For legal reasons, her name may not be mentioned, but it would be a friend who has known Berahino since childhood. Berahino’s hat trick was complete for two days. Chelsea Lovelace became a mother on July 17th. Yes, the same Chelsea that he lured into his house on Valentine’s Day. So three babies in a period of 49 days.

On the run from robbers

Berahino was caught driving under the influence on 18 February of this year. Moreover, he also appeared to be fleeing robbers. The Burundian Englishman was stopped in central London with three times more promille than allowed. His girlfriend, another husband and wife were also in the car. Just before that, the 26-year-old striker was the victim of a violent robbery. Coincidence or not? That same night, the police were summoned for a possible stabbing – including seven involved – at the VQ Cafe on Great Russell Street.

When Berahino answered the police through the window of his car, he initially claimed to know nothing about the stabbing. “We have just eaten and are en route to the hotel. We have not seen anything.” Agent Stephen Luu said the following: “His eyes turned red and he suddenly became very nervous. Because of his suspicious behavior, I asked him to leave his car. I believed he was involved in the violent incident. When I got closer, I smelled alcohol. I asked him if he had drunk, to which he answered: “yes, one.”

According to agent Luu, Berahino looked “confused” when asked about the blood on his hand. The fact that his t-shirt was also torn at the back only frowned even more. “This is bullshit,” the football player then replicated when he was arrested. Berahino then told the police that he was robbed. His girlfriend suspects her ex-boyfriend of the robbery. According to her, he drummed up a gang to attack Berahino. The loot: a watch and two diamond necklaces.

Saido Berahino! 1 goal in 913 days, “3 babies with 3 women in 7 weeks”

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