Saudi Arabia: Two Nigerian maids killed by their bosses

Two Nigerian girls were reportedly killed by their employers after being fraudulently hired to work as domestic workers in Saudi Arabia.

The two murders took place two weeks apart in the different houses where they worked as domestics with their Saudi bosses.

According to Satellite Times, which reports the news, the first Nigerian girl to be killed is Omotayo, and until her death in June 2018, worked as a migrant domestic worker in Riyadh.

She allegedly sent this picture to her friends in a group discussion entitled “Strong Nigerian Ladies” – a solidarity group created by Nigerian migrant domestic workers in Saudi Arabia.

Omotayo, in her last post in June, told the solidarity group about the latest case of abuse she suffered from the Saudi family she was working for. Her boss and the whole family rushed at her for “disrespecting them.”

The only crime of the maid was that she insisted that her salary arrears of three months be paid to her, according to her.

She said that she would no longer accept an apology for the non-payment of her arrears, just as she revealed that she was tired of eating leftover food. His reaction was considered an affront.

Another Nigerian named Shola was also killed by her boss. Her story was told by Adeola Oladipo, another maid of the group.

Shola was constantly attacked and starved by her boss in Saudi Arabia. Every time she asked for food, she was always beaten and she lost so much weight… One day, her boss came as usual to beat her while she was working in the kitchen.

The blows became so unbearable that she had to defend herself with a knife. In the process, the knife sliced its boss who replicated it, hit her neck and she collapsed.

When the boss saw that Shola was dying, he rushed her to the hospital where he stated that she had suddenly fallen ill. A few days later, the Nigerian woman died at the hospital.

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