Scammers in South Africa collect “contaminated” banknotes and coins

The South African Central Bank has sounded the alarm about fraudsters who use the corona crisis to rob unsuspecting civilians. The criminals come to people’s doors to collect banknotes and coins allegedly exposed to the new coronavirus.

Victims were told that they could exchange their returned cash at any bank for “clean” money. They, therefore, also received a receipt from the fraudsters, who had forged identity cards.

The Central Bank warns that no money has been called back at all because of the virus. “There is currently no evidence that the COVID-19 virus is transmitted through banknotes or coins,” the institution stresses. Criminals have devised more tricks to exploit the turmoil surrounding the virus.

The South African care organization Netcare says that thieves impersonate care providers who come home to test people for the coronavirus. This is how they would try to gain access to homes.

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