Scientist says that the origin of humans is not on Earth

The origin of humanity is the most controversial theories that exist, because while believers claim that God created everything, scientists hold hypotheses based on biological facts such as evolution or cosmological as the big bang.

There is another quite irregular theory that suggests that life existed on Earth through the comets from outer space that left microbes on our surface, which multiplied until human life was achieved.

According to the astrobiologist and professor at Cardiff University, Chandra Wickramasinghe, the ‘seeds of life’ were placed on our planet for 3, 800 million years ago.

The research conducted by Chandra was published in the international astrobiology journal of the University of Cambridge and caused mixed opinions among several specialists.

Professor Wickramasinghe explained: “Yes, we are all aliens who share a cosmic ancestry. Every time a new planetary system is formed, some microbes survive on comets. Then they multiply and plant other planets.”

This astrobiologist affirms that life moves from one planet to another; comets are the main transports of microorganisms that travel to outer space to adhere to another planet in a period of billions of years.

Chandra’s professor and colleague, Fred Hoyle, supported the theory of panspermia since 1960: “The evidence of astronomy strongly supports the view that life did not start on Earth, but came from outside.”

In spite of everything, this speculation does not explain the general origin of life, only the assumption of how it came to Earth.

Do you think our ancestors are extra-terrestrial and Why do they visit us constantly?

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