Scottish brewery organizes first ‘beer flight’

Always wanted to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a stupid way? This is your chance! The Scottish BrewDog brewery takes you off a flight that uses almost as much beer as kerosene. Fasten the seatbelts, fold the tables and lift them!

Saving a pint or a glass of wine during an apparently infinite flight: we all do it sometimes. However, it is rarely a true drink. That is what the Scottish brewer Brewdog wants to change now. During a special eight-hour flight from London to the American Ohio, beer is full for the 240 passengers.

With this action, the brewery wants to make flying enjoyable again for their loyal supporters. Included in your ticket is the highest beer tasting ever, a dinner inspired by the Brewdog beers, a customized entertainment package on the seating and specially designed cocktails. You will also receive a blanket and an eye mask, although you will be able to sleep well after such a beverage party without those aids.

Hotel in the brewery
Once your magic flight is over, you go to Columbus for 4 days. There the American branch of the brewery is located. Besides an extensive tour of the complex, you also visit the best bars and restaurants of the city. A visit to the main breweries of nearby Cincinnati is also planned.

Those who pay a small extra cost can also spend one night of the trip in the Doghouse. This hotel is located in the brewery, the soft scent of hops is included in the price.

For this candy trip you have to dig deep into your pouch. You will lose 1,400 euros for four days including flights, hotel and activities. If you want to spend the trip in a private room, that even goes up to 2,500 euros.

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