Senegal to completely eradicate hunger by 2030

Eliminating hunger, improving resilience and nutrition are the goal set by the State of Senegal by 2030. This initiative of Senegal is part of the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals II, (SDG 2) whose Strategies for implementation are presented in the national strategic review of the eradication of hunger, presented this on yesterday’s afternoon in Dakar.

The strategy adopted by the State of Senegal aims at establishing a social protection system and a resilience program for children and the most vulnerable people. Through such an initiative, “I am convinced that food insecurity can be eradicated in Senegal,” enthuses Lena Savelli, Resident Representative of the World Food Program (WFP). Thus, the program will be implemented in January 2019 for a period of 5 years.

In Senegal, the Matam, Kanel, Ranerou and Podor departments currently represent the four at-risk food-insecure departments, says Ndioro Ndiaye, Minister-Counsellor to the Presidency. Thus, the State of Senegal, in partnership with the World Food Program (WFP) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), has set itself the objective of promoting the development of sustainable agriculture in order to save lives and take care of the most vulnerable people.

Agriculture, livestock and fisheries remain the target areas of the program. In this regard, the scientific committee, under the aegis of Ndiora Ndiaye, advocates doubling or even multiplying agricultural production, transforming the structure of the agro-food industry, and ending by 2030 the various forms of malnutrition especially among vulnerable people.

Sustainable and inclusive agricultural growth is essential to achieve the goal of eradicating hunger. Added to this is the implementation of national policies and ambitious plans on resilience, hunger and malnutrition. But also, price stabilization measures and social intervention, recommends Priya Gajraj, resident representative of UNDP.

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